Gaza in fire and blood What is happening in “Al-Shifa” hospital?+Film – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, news sources, including Al Jazeera, announced the arrival of Zionist aggressors in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, where thousands of injured, sick and displaced people are living in the worst conditions due to the lack of water, medicine, food and fuel.

The Zionist occupiers continue to lie and justify attacks on health centers with the aim of making gains for themselves, claiming that the Hamas command tunnel is located under this hospital, while the engineering plans deny this claim.

Terrifying actions of the Zionist soldiers inside Al-Shifa Hospital / deployment of tanks in the hospital area

Sources from Al-Shifa Hospital said: Zionist soldiers are present inside the buildings of Al-Shifa Medical Center, heavy gunfire can be heard in and around the hospital.

These sources also said that the tanks of the Zionist regime are still stationed inside Al-Shifa Hospital.

The aggressor soldiers are asking the Palestinians to surrender to them with loudspeakers. Zionist soldiers also arrested a number of displaced persons and families of martyrs and wounded.

UNICEF’s request to stop the Zionist regime’s war mongering

The director of UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) demanded from Gaza to stop the barbaric war of the Zionist regime.

European Center: Israel has turned the Gaza hospital into a detention center and torture center

European-Mediterranean Center: Israel has turned the Al-Shifa hospital buildings into a center for detaining and torturing Palestinians.

Detention of a number of Palestinian refugees

The Zionist regime soldiers, who have forcibly entered Al-Shifa Hospital after the all-round siege of Al-Shifa Hospital and the support of heavy aerial fire, have arrested a number of refugees who have taken refuge there.

Reuters quoted a medical source: Israel’s claim about turning al-Shifa hospital into a Hamas command center is a lie

Reuters quoted a doctor at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza: Israel’s accusations that Hamas has turned this health center into its headquarters are not true.

An Israeli security official: No government is putting pressure on us to stop the war

A security official of the Zionist regime told the military radio of this regime: The pressure on us (Zionists) is only media, and there is no pressure from any country on us to stop the operation (aggression) in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: The Zionist army is looking for a fake victory in the attack on al-Shifa hospital

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: The attack on al-Shifa hospital and terrorizing the medical staff, the injured and the displaced is an all-out war crime.

The silence of the international community and its inability to face the crimes of the Zionists and the unlimited support of the Biden government is the main reason for the fascist regime to commit crimes and bullying.

Defeated and defeated by the brave resistance of the Palestinian people, the Zionist regime’s army seeks to present a false image of itself as a victor by portraying Al-Shifa Hospital as a military fortress against the shaky Zionist society.

Jordan’s reaction to the invasion of the Zionist military to Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan: We condemn the attack on al-Shifa hospital in Gaza and consider Israel responsible for the lives of civilians and medical teams working there.

Zionist soldiers are interrogating the staff and patients of al-Shifa hospital

International news sources reported that the soldiers of the Zionist regime are interrogating the medical staff and patients of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza.

Al Jazeera reported that the Israeli army attacked the main buildings of al-Shifa, including the emergency building and the special surgery department, with the support of tanks.

According to this report, Israeli army soldiers have entered the buildings and are conducting search operations and interrogating doctors and medical staff one by one.

The Zionist regime is taking these measures under the pretext that Hamas fighters are using Shafa Hospital to carry out their operations, but so far there has been no evidence to support these claims.

The army of the occupying regime has also set up several electronic checkpoints at the entrance doors of the main buildings of Al-Shafa Hospital, and every person, whether patient or medical staff, must be inspected and questioned before entering.

There are still about 3000 people inside this hospital, some of whom are among the most vulnerable patients.

American media report about the arrival of the tanks of the Zionist regime to Al-Shifa Hospital

The CNN website, quoting a reporter inside al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, which is the largest hospital complex in the region, reported that Israeli tanks have entered this hospital.

“What we see is that the tanks are pointing their weapons at the hospital,” a reporter for the Palestinian news agency, Wafa, told CNN. “We are still not sure if the soldiers have entered the hospital or not.”

CNN says that the latest reports indicate that hundreds of employees and patients of this hospital are still inside al-Shafa. Also, several thousand people of Gaza have taken shelter around this hospital.

Confession of the Zionist Army: There is no information about the presence of hostages in al-Shifa hospital

The Zionist Army Radio announced that there is no information about the existence of hostages (Zionist prisoners of the resistance) inside Al-Shifa Hospital and the search and inspection operations are still ongoing.

A Palestinian reporter: The Israeli army turned al-Shifa hospital into a military barracks

A Palestinian reporter around al-Shifa hospital complex: The Israeli army has turned al-Shifa hospital into a military barracks.

This reporter added that Israeli tanks have surrounded this complex from all sides before the arrival of the soldiers.

According to this Palestinian reporter, the Zionists target everything they see around the hospital.

The claim of the Zionist army: The activity of our soldiers inside Al-Shifa Hospital is clear

The Zionist army has claimed that its soldiers continue to conduct concentrated operations inside Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza and their activities in this complex are specific and based on intelligence data.

According to the admission of the army of the aggressor Zionist regime, there are no signs and symptoms of the presence of kidnapped people inside al-Shifa hospital.

Warning of the Government Information Office in the Gaza Strip about the disastrous situation in Al-Shifa Hospital

The government information office in the Gaza Strip has emphasized that the attack by the occupiers on Al-Shifa medical complex is a war, moral and anti-human crime.

This office announced that the occupiers bombed five of its buildings during the siege of Al-Shifa medical complex and shelled all of them.


This office added that we consider the occupiers and the international community and the United States responsible for the health and lives of thousands of displaced and injured people and relief teams.

According to Palestinian officials, the Zionist occupation has killed 198 doctors and paramedics, targeted 55 ambulances and put 25 hospitals out of service.

The occupiers of Jerusalem, relying on the unlimited support of America and other western governments and the complicity of the Arab compromise regimes, have committed murders and crimes in hospitals that have resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of 700 people.


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