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According to the social group of the rahnam news agency, the third meeting of the central headquarters for the prevention and investigation of election crimes in the country, headed by Hojjatul Islam wal Muslimin Mohedi; Attorney General of the country and with the presence of Jahangir; Vice Social and Crime Prevention of Judiciary and Secretary of Staff and other members were held.

At the beginning of this meeting, Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Mowhedi, referring to the limitless crimes committed by the usurping Israeli regime against the oppressed and innocent people of Gaza, stated that the child-killing Israeli regime seeks to destroy Hamas and hit the axis of resistance with these heinous crimes. This is despite the fact that Hamas is not just a group or a political current, but a thought that has taken root in the hearts and minds of Palestinian youth and children, and the result of this thought will be the victory and freedom of Palestine.

Our main duty is to prevent election violations and crimes

In another part of his speech, he mentioned the main duty and mission of the Central Headquarters for the Prevention and Handling of Election Crimes and stated: As the title of this headquarters is clear, one of our main duties is to prevent the occurrence of election violations and crimes.

Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Mowhedi stated that our main action is to reduce and then prevent the occurrence of crimes, and said: In this regard, the provincial and city headquarters should be coordinated with the central headquarters and implement the approved decisions correctly and at the right time.

Provincial and city headquarters should be formed regularly and continuously

The Attorney General of the country, while emphasizing the continuous and regular meetings of the headquarters for the prevention and handling of election crimes at all levels, said: Regular holding and the arrangement of giving effect to the approvals of this headquarters are effective in preventing election violations and in the provinces and cities that have passion and There are more election excitements, preventive monitoring and necessary measures should be taken constantly.

Emphasis on explanation and justification of electoral candidates and fan clubs

He said: The next thing that the prevention headquarters should have in their agenda is holding briefing and awareness sessions for organizations, groups and parties that were created for the purpose of election activities and intend to support a particular candidate or a political current.

Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Mowhedi added: It is necessary to monitor and identify these groups from now on, and by inviting them and the officials of the executive boards, inform them of the election rules and regulations and justify them regarding preventive issues.

The red line is the country’s security and peace system

Stating that the country’s red line is the security and peace of the country, he said: the expectation is that, as in the past, candidates and supporters will not cross the red line of the system, which is the security and peace of the people, and respect other issues such as compliance with laws and regulations and fundamentals. Maintain their adherence to electoral ethics.

The Attorney General of the country continued to address the election candidates and pointed out the need to observe morals and Shariah standards and said: Candidates and their supporters, as well as adhering to legal requirements, should also be sensitive to observing Islamic morals and Shariah limits.

Explaining this issue, he said: In addition to these loved ones, they should take care not to be caught in moral pollution such as slander, lies, and slander, they should also ask their fans not to seek to destroy and weaken their competitors and only introduce themselves and express their plans. .

Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Mowhedi continued: Election candidates should try to seek healthy public votes by describing and explaining their programs and try to step into the field of service in a healthy environment and with a fair competition.

Emphasis on monitoring election activities and dealing with perpetrators of violations and crimes

Stating that violations and crimes such as publishing lies, slander, defamation, lying, spreading rumors and destruction and challenging words are among the cases that will be monitored in this headquarters, he said: Everyone should know that these cases are in addition to It has a status effect on the perpetrator, but the commission of these violations and crimes will also result in legal responsibility.

In completing this warning to the members of the headquarters and the security-intelligence and judicial-police agencies, he said: All relevant agencies should monitor the media environment of the country and reflect any important, sensitive and relevant news to the provincial and city headquarters so that these cases are dealt with and If necessary, legal measures will be taken.

The order to form the virtual space committee and the election information exchange committee

The Attorney General of the country further ordered the formation of two specialized committees and said: In order to better perform the missions, it is necessary to establish two specialized committees “virtual space” and “exchange of electoral information” under the central headquarters of the prevention and investigation of electoral crimes in the country in order to In a specialized way, do the assigned task by organizing a weekly meeting.

In this regard, he said: The purpose of the formation of the information exchange committee is to observe, monitor and reflect the news and information related to the elections, and all the responsible institutions should have proper cooperation with the prevention headquarters in this regard.

Contact and any kind of cooperation with anti-regime networks is prohibited and a crime

He further stated: I hereby announce that any contact with the motive of cooperation and alignment with the enemy networks is prohibited and such actions are considered a crime and can be prosecuted.

Most of the rejection or non-qualification has a formal aspect

The Attorney General of the country emphasized on informing and clarifying the actions taken by the election officials and said: Alhamdulillah, the high number of registrations of election candidates shows the high participation in the March elections. However, it is necessary for the institutions related to this issue to inform the general public and election candidates in a timely manner about the reasons for non-qualification or disqualification.

In the end, he stated: There may be various reasons for lack of qualification and lack of individual qualification, including defects in documents, failure to register on time, etc. There is no criminal or similar issues. According to information, most of these cases have a form aspect.

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