Atomic Energy Organization’s contract with the Ministry of Health for the production of 66 samples of radiopharmaceuticals – rahnam

According to the foreign policy group of rahnam news agency, Behrouz Kamalondi, the spokesman and deputy for international, legal and parliamentary affairs of the Atomic Energy Organization, said about holding an exhibition of the achievements of the 2-year government in the Holy Defense Museum of Qom province. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has exhibited parts of the achievements of the nuclear industry in the past year.

He added: In the past year, we have unveiled about 159 achievements in various fields of fuel cycle, mining exploration, radiopharmaceuticals, deuterium compounds, radiation systems, plasma and other things.

Referring to the wide range of application of nuclear technology in various industries and fields, Kamalondi said: Now we have the possibility to use nuclear technology in the exploration sector and by means of airplanes, helicopters and drones to detect up to 15 thousand meters deep.

He stated that the use of nuclear technology in the field of health and healthcare has been growing; He said: Also, in the field of medicine, we have seen the conclusion of a contract for the production of about 66 samples of radiopharmaceuticals with the Food and Drug Organization of the Ministry of Health.

The deputy of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization emphasized: Some diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment have been produced in the country, and their quality is equal to international samples.

He clarified: one of the other active areas in the nuclear industry is related to the heavy water sector and its derivatives; This product and its derivatives have various uses in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, including their use in the health sector and for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Stating that future drugs will definitely be based on stable isotopes, Kamalondi added: Unlike chemotherapy drugs, these drugs will not have a destructive effect. It should be noted that heavy water produced in Iran and its derivatives are among the best examples that have many customers in Europe, Asia, America and Russia.

He continued: Among the other achievements of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, we can mention the use of radiation because this technology has a great role in the field of food, agriculture, health and hygiene. For example, recently, an accelerator model was produced and unveiled in the country, which was not sold to us due to sanctions, and these conditions caused us to produce this system locally inside the country, and now this device has customers for export.

The spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said: In the exhibition of the achievements of the people’s government for 2 years, it was tried to show at least the achievements of some important areas of the nuclear industry, including radiopharmaceuticals and the use of radiation, which have played a role in agriculture, health and industry and have a direct relationship with people’s lives. To be displayed for people to know.

In the end, he said: This exhibition is an opportunity for the general public to get acquainted with the proud achievements of our country in various fields, including the nuclear industry.

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