Where is the Achilles heel of the Zionist economy? Israel’s $92 billion dependence on imports – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, following the words of the supreme leader, one of the most key strategies that the countries of the region can adopt against the crimes of the Zionist regime is to stop the export of oil and food to this criminal regime. This issue requires knowing the sources from which the basic goods of the Zionist regime are being supplied, and so to speak, it forms the main structure of the economy of this regime.

The heavy dependence of the Zionist regime on imports/imports of 92 billion dollars with a population of 10 million people

In this regard, Mohammad Taher Rahimi, an economic policy expert, recently reviewed the macroeconomic situation of the Zionist regime and said: The total import of the Zionist regime with a population of less than 10 million people is about 92 billion dollars. Meanwhile, a country like Iran with a population of 80 million people imports about half of this amount. This clearly shows that the dependence of the Zionist regime on imports is very high.

He continued: The countries that supply the imports of the Zionist regime include: China, India, Turkey and European countries. Although the import of oil as one of the most strategic goods by the Zionist regime is less than 1 billion dollars, the point here is The high share of Azerbaijan as a supplier of this vital commodity for the Zionist regime is undeniable.

Rahimi said: India, Azerbaijan and the United States are the three main fuel suppliers of the Zionist regime, and this regime imports 3 billion dollars of all kinds of fuels. Also, India, America, Europe, Azerbaijan and Turkey play a role in the export of minerals (about 4 billion dollars) to the Zionist regime. In the field of supplying agricultural and food products, Europe, China and Turkey are prominent as the three suppliers of basic goods of the Zionist regime (about 11 billion dollars).

This economic expert continued: Turkey alone is responsible for a quarter of the export of basic metals (about 7 billion dollars) to the Zionist regime, followed by China and European countries. It should be mentioned that the main use of basic metals is used in the construction of settlements and the production of military industries.

Türkiye’s key role in the economic provision of the Zionist regime

Türkiye’s export to the Zionist regime in 2003 was about one billion dollars. According to the latest statistics, in 2022-2023, this export has increased more than 7 times and is about 7 billion dollars. This position shows the deepening of Turkey’s economic relations with the Zionist regime and the provision of this regime’s economy by Turkey.

Examining the composition of Turkey’s export basket to the Zionist regime shows that Turkey’s exports to Israel are highly diverse. From the export of metals, clothing, cars, food and agriculture, machinery, etc., Turkey’s export basket to the Zionist regime is present.

Another point that is specific to Turkey is the significant volume of imports from the Zionist regime. Since 2003, when Turkey’s import from Israel was about half a billion dollars, now it has reached two and a half dollars and has increased 5 times.

Also, Turkey has practically become a hub or a special transit corridor for the Zionist regime, apart from the high volume of trade it has with the Zionist occupation regime. In fact, Turkey has become a gateway for all kinds of goods to reach Israel.

Why is it important to know the sources of the economy of the Zionist regime?

The first point that exists in this regard, and which highlights the importance of knowing the sources of the provision of the Zionist economy, is to reveal this source in order to create pressure of public opinion on the governments that basically supply the Israeli economy with the export of oil and food. pay

Another issue to clarify is the hypocritical positions of some countries in the region. So that one month has passed since the crimes of the Zionist occupation regime, some of the officials of the countries in the region condemn these crimes while continuing their economic relations with Israel and in a way providing economic conditions with Israel. are the stability of this regime.

Also, another point that makes it important to know the foundations of the economy of the Zionist regime is the recognition of these foundations by the resistance groups. It is clear that knowing the supply bottlenecks of the Zionist regime’s economy can always be considered as a tool to paralyze the economy of this usurping regime.

It should be noted that there are two strategies for dealing with Israel economically. The main and central strategy is for the Islamic countries to drastically increase the cost of exchange to the Zionist regime and disrupt it. The cost pressure from the energy location to Israel’s supporting countries can change the equations secondarily.

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