The task of the Ministry of Energy to finance 3500 billion tomans for the National Housing Movement – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Hadi Abbasi, reminding that 3500 billion tomans from the National Housing Fund resources were spent to provide the infrastructure services of the National Housing Movement, said that the governorates and the Ministry of Energy are supposed to spend the same amount each to finance the infrastructures. Do this plan.

Pointing out that the National Housing Movement’s loan limit in urban areas is 550 million tomans, he added: the interest rate of this loan is 18 percent. The loan interest rate of 350 million tomans for rural housing is also 5%.

According to rahnam, the repayment period of the National Housing Movement facility is 20 years, excluding the participation period. In the method of staggered repayment of installments, the applicants of the projects of the mentioned plan must pay about 7 million and 357 thousand tomans per month in the first period (first year).

These installments will increase to 8 million and 281 thousand tomans in the fifth year and to 9 million and 600 thousand tomans in the tenth year. In the 15th year of loan repayment, the monthly installments will be 11 million and 129 thousand tomans. Finally, in the 20th year, the monthly installments of the National Housing Movement loan are 12,901,000 Tomans.

Therefore, applicants will pay 2 billion 372 million 455 thousand tomans for a loan of 550 million tomans in a 20-year period, of which about 1 billion 822 million tomans is the interest of the facility.

In the simple method, the amount of monthly installments will be equal to 10 million and 653 thousand Tomans. The total repayment of this loan in the 12th month of the 20th year is 2 billion 556 million 844 thousand Tomans.
In other words, the benefit of the 550 million tomans facility of the National Housing Movement is 2 billion 68 million 443 thousand tomans.

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