The national wushu team failed to participate in the world championships / America’s political hostility and obstruction against Iranian sports – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency and quoted from the public relations of the Wushu Federation, while the 2023 Wushu World Championship is scheduled to be held officially on November 24 in Texas, the host of these competitions has acted in an unprofessional manner and by ignoring the charter and the movement. The Olympics and the spirit of sports did not issue visas for the Iranian national wushu team to participate in these fights.

The hostility and political obstructionism of the Americans against Iranian sports has always been evident, and the United States once again failed to issue visas at the appointed time for the men’s and women’s national wushu team of our country, which won the first place in the last round of the world championships in 2019. Confirming his enmity with the great nation of Iran, he practically questioned the validity and value of this tournament by preventing the presence of the defending champion.

This action is hosting the World Wushu Championships, while the Iranian Wushu Federation started the process of obtaining American visas at the beginning of this year and went through the relevant steps in July by attending the embassy of this country in Armenia.

Many follow-ups were done by the Wushu Federation, the Ministry of Sports, the National Olympic Committee and the International Committee (IOC) to issue American visas to the Iranian national Wushu team, which unfortunately hosted the tournament by ignoring the charter and the Olympic Movement, as well as the follow-ups carried out at the highest level of sports. He did not issue visas to Iran’s wushu athletes, and our country’s national team lost the chance to participate in the world championships.

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