Tehran elementary and preschool schools became virtual on November 24 – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam news agency, Tehran education announced that due to the worsening air pollution in the capital city and based on the resolution of the working group for coordination of emergency conditions of Tehran air pollution, preschool and elementary education classes in all areas of Tehran on Wednesday On November 24, it is held offline and virtually.

According to this decree, outdoor sports activities are prohibited for other classes.

Also, according to the announcement of the Air Pollution Emergency Committee of Tehran Province, due to the continued increase in pollution in Tehran Province, all elementary schools in the cities of Tehran Province, except Firozkoh, Damavand and Roudhen, will be closed on two occasions in the morning and evening on Wednesday, November 24, virtually and It will be held on the platform of Messenger Shad.

Also, outdoor sports activities are prohibited for other seasons on Wednesday.

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