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According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Reza Murad Sahrai; The Minister of Education stated today at the first productivity and education conference, emphasizing on getting rid of the multiplicity of plans and strategies: At the beginning of every government, many people are busy writing strategic plans and after a while they are busy “hoo-hoo” the strategic plan they have written. , and they just realized that the implementation is not in their hands, I believe that anything except the document of fundamental transformation of education means non-productivity.

A good manager means to be like a samurai swordsman!

The Minister of Education, referring to getting rid of the management chaos, said: I have been the Minister of Education for 5 months, but some people think that a good minister is like a samurai swordsman, close your eyes and skillfully hit all the heads of all the previous officials, for It is better for every manager to bring his familiar people, but for me, the stability of management is important, and now that I emphasize it, I am questioned; It’s as if we are used to instability in education and a good manager doesn’t mean to change everyone, some people consider themselves experts in education and they tell me that it’s been a few months but you still haven’t changed a person!

Every simple act of ours comes with strange political interpretations

He said about getting rid of politicization: the stout tree of education is plagued by excessive politicization and every simple act is subject to strange political interpretations, every year a significant number of teachers retire and a large number of them are managers, but interpreted as purification and cleansing; Every action we take expresses some mental interpretation.

Sahrai continued: At the Bhindokht festival, I announced the solution of the fundamental transformation document, which emphasizes that the curriculum and the school environment should be optimized according to the needs of girls and boys, but some headlined, “gender segregation in education” and one page They ruined all of the newspaper that is for the treasury, these issues hinder productivity.

Going to the valley is waiting for us…

The Minister of Education emphasized on getting rid of useless repetitions, adding: For example, we hold a meeting just to have a meeting, we must end the repetitions that have no effect. Some believe that a good manager is someone who does the work of the old, but is it possible to continuously repeat the past, the road is complicated, but we have not turned, and if we do not transform, we are waiting for us to go to the valley.

The teacher must answer for the ineffectiveness of others in the classroom

He said: “Education is a cultural and social institution and the teacher must pay for the inefficiency of other people in his classroom. Whatever happens outside of education, the student questions the performance and the teacher must answer his questions in the classroom.” to answer

Sahrai continues by pointing out that the issue of productivity is easy and difficult; Easy because everyone wants to be productive in the system but they don’t know how to be productive and everyone thinks they are doing their best but when they check the result it is not what is intended.

He added: “Our place is education and time, the beginning of the second quarter of the Islamic revolution. All the officials of the country have experience in education and they all talk about education, but when we want to take action, it is not everyone’s job.” .

The Minister of Education said: “Education has no alternative, because the future of every country is built in education, so we must know what we learned from the first 40 years of the revolution that can be used in the second quarter. One of the key strategies is to focus on productivity.” .

He continued: “Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, we have had many quantitative improvements in all fields, but the improvements have not brought us as much as quantity; For example, despite the many advances in the field of higher education, have we been able to take advantage of the abundance of students and the space for the production of science to produce wealth and power?

Sahrai pointed out that productivity is very important for the second four-year period, which is the message of Iran’s civilization, and said: Have we looked at productivity from the perspective of education? Now our management is passive in general areas, that is, we react; For example, the problem of social damage or we have skills, we put a note in the budget to solve the problems, this procedure means reaction and reactive management is not associated with productivity because it does not pay attention to the cause of problems.

Managers who have a consumption view of education are unproductive

He continued: “The government and the parliament, as the country’s railway system, can claim that they have taken action for the future by focusing on education.” Education is the beginning of any development and progress for the future. If a manager looks at education as a consumer device, that manager is unproductive even if he has taken the banner of productivity.

Emphasizing that the relationship between school and productivity is very important, the Minister of Education added: Productivity in the country will not be achieved as much as expected unless it starts from the school, and no person in the country can be the factor of productivity as much as a teacher. Let’s reduce his literature to the rule of ranking or consider the teacher as a teacher of virtues.

Everyday life hinders productivity in education

Sahraei said: “In education, we are constantly involved in issues that have been produced and handed over to us, which the next manager must solve or solve, daily life is a challenge that hinders productivity in education and does not allow us to use the vast treasure of knowledge.” Use inside and outside the country.

Education does not want to participate!

Referring to the weakness of education in using the participation of parents and teachers, he said: We are the largest institution in the country, but we have the smallest system of participation, we must introduce the system of attracting the participation of teachers and parents.

We constantly produced councils; Council production means weakness in processes

He emphasized: Education should be integrated as a whole, and productivity means creating alignment. Right now, the whole process of education should be done by the vice president of elementary and secondary schools, but we gave part of it to Sampad and non-government schools and did not establish communication between them, and we constantly produced shura. Who is Iran’s education? Who is the commander-in-chief of the education process now?

It has been a decade since we abandoned teacher training

The Minister of Education pointed out that another way to improve productivity is to focus on assets, is one million and 600 thousand retirees a small amount of wealth? Is it possible to build civilization without having a strong school and principal? He raised: We have abandoned teacher training for a decade, now where is teacher training while serving? How much passion for learning is left in teachers? Why does a dynamic teacher become static instead of making the system dynamic when he enters the static system of education?

“Teacher development” system is on the way

He continued: “Teacher Development” regulation is ready and we want to give it to the researchers and teachers to express their opinions so that learning becomes the literature of education. If we are not learners, we cannot be good teachers.

Artificial intelligence will replace teachers if…

The Minister of Education pointed out that Corona taught us that the classroom is a place of learning, not education, and if the teacher wants to only teach, artificial intelligence can be replaced and we don’t need teachers anymore, he said: an interactive intelligent system can work with more attractive education. do the teaching, but artificial intelligence will not replace the teacher. If the learning flow in the classroom is multi-directional and the teacher enters the student’s world, teachers must cross the digital divide, and without this process, we cannot achieve productivity.

He stated: Every second, 5 thousand requests are registered in the education system and this ministry has the first rank among government agencies in the electronic portal of the government.

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