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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, the officer said: “You are a young Lebanese boy. Why are you fighting for Palestine? Since the Palestinians came to Lebanon, the situation in Lebanon has deteriorated. Your country was paradise; But these Palestinians destroyed the beauty of Lebanon.” I said: “It was you who expelled the Palestinian people from their land. They were forced to take refuge everywhere and settled in tent camps, but you also bombed their camps. Later, with the same slogan, you gave facilities and training to Kataib Maroni Party to start a civil war in Lebanon. “You are the one who started the civil war.” He said: “No, it has nothing to do with us. The Palestinians started the civil war.” And then he continued angrily: “We don’t care about the Lebanese, nor the Palestinians, nor the Jordanians, nor any of the Arabs, only the Jews are important to us.” I also said: “For me, only Arabs are important, not Jews.”

This is a conversation between an Israeli elite officer and a 16-year-old Lebanese fighter named Samir Qantar, who was captured by the Zionist regime. That too in the middle of torture and empty handed. Of course, the story belongs to more than 40 years ago. At a time when Israel thought that it would have the promised land from the Nile to the Euphrates in its grasp in the near future, and considered the small Lebanese and Palestinian fighters who were disturbing them with their bare hands as temporary intruders, but they did not know much earlier than any power in the world. If he can estimate, he will be brought to his knees by the hands of these barefoot but brave fighters.

at midnight 21 April of the year 1979Milady, Samir Kantar 16 Salle, along with some other teenagers, went to the city of Nahariya 10 Kilometers from the border Lebanondelivered It is said that one of their goals was to kidnap an Israeli scientist to exchange Lebanese prisoners. The group under his leadership clashed with Israeli forces, which led to the death of his companions and his arrest. Samir Kantar, member QThe era of liberation of PalestineWas. After Kantar’s trial, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment five times 47 He was sentenced to a year in prison.

Two years after war 33 fastingSamir Kantar along with four members Hezbollahhe was freed. Samir Qantar was the oldest Lebanese prisoner in the Zionist regime That As a “national hero” welcomed by the president, prime minister and speaker of the parliament at the time LebanonFaced. and 20 December 2015At 53 age due to the Israeli missile attack in Jarmana, near Damascus SyriaTo WitnessReceipt.

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In the various narratives he has told about the ups and downs of 30 years of life in Israeli prisons, we get to know more details about the brutal nature of this regime and its lies. When Samir talks about the first days of interrogation and torture by the seasoned officers of the Zionist regime in “Samir’s truth”, he describes various tortures and their attempts to make ridiculous confessions against his trainmates on the Israeli television network. The story mentioned in this text is just one frame of thousands of images of a resistance fighter being held captive by the Israeli regime. Samir Qantar, after mentioning his conversation with his interrogator about Palestine, says the following about the continuation of torture:

After many beatings, my bullet wounds continued to bleed. They had to take me to the doctor’s office with bandages and handcuffs and a bag on my head. After that I was crucified again. During this period, I could not distinguish between day and night; I knew it was day only from the heat and the movement of soldiers, and I felt the night from the silence and cold.

On the third day, when I was untied from the wall and taken to the interrogation room, Abu Dekan triumphantly said, “Do you know what we did?” I said: “No!” He said: “We bombed your house and killed all your family members.” For me to believe, he opened a map of our village and showed the exact location of our house. I hid my pain and cursed them as much as I could. There was nothing left to lose. The world had come to an end for me. In the midst of my cursing and yelling, I started threatening them and said: “Finally, we will come to your houses one day and we will destroy all of you.” In short, I told my parents about their bad and wrong ideas and country as much as I could.

I was very heartbroken. The thought of my family struggling with death in the midst of fire and smoke bothered me deeply. Most of all, I remembered my kind Senate; He was the closest to me and I knew that he was impatient for me every moment. The evening was always sad and painful for him; Especially since our house was located in a place where the sunset could be seen completely. In front of all my shouts and insults, the interrogator and his colleagues just laughed and made fun of me to break me. They used to say: “You kid, who did you think you were on the side of?” Just like that, come to Israel and do an operation and pay no compensation and let your family stay safe there? There is still another bill left to pay.”

They put a bag on my head again and crucified me. The handcuffs on my skin were severely scarred. When the weight of my body fell on this wound, it would tear my skin and this pain was added to my other pains. Behind that black bag, I saw my poor father struggling under the fire and smoke and my dying mother calling me. I imagined the small and delicate bodies of my sisters under the rubble of the building and the moans of Sanaa. In this way, I brought the night to the morning in the cold.

Not even a drop of water or a bite of food reached my throat and the pain was all over my body. It is very difficult to describe the intensity of all that pain. On the other hand, my thirst became more intense due to the bleeding. In that intense thirst and in frequent anesthesias, the moments when I fell asleep I imagined myself drinking water in a river.

On the morning of the third day of detention and torture, they took me to the interrogation room. This time there were two other people in the room. Abu Zakan asked: “Do you want to eat and drink?” I said: “I want water.” He pressed the button on his desk. A soldier came and brought a glass of water. When my eyes fell on the white disposable cup, I didn’t believe it was water. I took it all at once and asked for water again. Abu Zakan said: “We will not beat you right now, we will discuss with each other to reach an understanding and reach a conclusion.”

“What do you want?” I said. He showed me a paper with a text written in Arabic. He said: “Read this paper.” I read that it started like this: “I, Samir Qantar, became a member of the Popular Front due to financial need; Because we and my family had financial problems, the officials of the Popular Front promised me to pay a lot of money to my family after the operation. They trained me and asked me to kill more women and children to spread terror, that’s why they sent me to Nahariya.”

In the continuation of these questions and answers, it was stated: “Question: Who were your commanders?” Answer: My commanders are Abu al-Abbas and the commanders of the Shabiyya Front, who are stationed in Beirut. They live in very elegant houses and have many beautiful women and use drugs excessively. They are engaged in drug trade with these organizations and they earn most of the war expenses with drug trade. Question: Do you regret doing operations in Palestine? Answer: Yes, I deeply regret doing this operation.

Many insults were written for the leaders of the Shabiyya Front and the Palestinian officials, and I should have written one of them next to the names of each of these officials. And in the advice given to Palestinian and Lebanese Arab youth, it was written as follows: “I advise all these young people not to get close to the Palestinian and Arafat groups, to think about their future and not to let these people deceive them. These are the ones who killed their sons. They send to Europe for a prosperous life and education; But the boys victimize the common people for their illegitimate goals.

When I read the text, Abu Zakan said: “We want you to read these writings in the TV program on the Arab channel of Israel. The writings are in front of you; But we do something so that they are not seen. “If you do this simple thing in just 10 minutes, we won’t hit you anymore, and you can sleep in a good room and eat good water and food, and we won’t have any problems with each other.” I said: “I will give an interview, but I will say whatever I want and I will not say anything about this paper.” Those two people who were next to Abu Zakan and had not said a word until this moment told me: “This stubbornness will not help you. We do not allow anyone to say whatever they want on TV. You are a murderer and we don’t give these chances to murderers like you.”

The Zionist regime (Israel), Lebanon, the State of Palestine, Palestinian prisoners, Al-Aqsa Storm, Islamic Resistance Front,

“We will stay here for an hour,” they said as they got up. We will leave and you will stay with Abu Zakan” and after they went out of the interrogation room, they put the black bag on my head again, but they did not hang me anymore and just put me on the ground. An hour passed, and I realized that those two people came back with Abu Zakan. “Well, what do you think?” they asked me. I said: “I will say what I think is necessary. I will accept an interview where I speak my words, not yours.”

They said: “You will see how you will say what we want.” 10 soldiers came and started beating me. They put the black bag on my head again and took me to another corner of the interrogation room. They hung me on a piece of iron. In a few moments, a strong wave of electricity covered my whole body, and after that, I was hit hard and all my body parts were paralyzed. He was in severe pain. This shock was repeated about eight times. Every time I trembled violently and shot to my bone marrow.

They asked again: “Are you interviewing?” “No, I have nothing to say,” I said. I saw something like an amplifier. Two phones were attached to my ears. There was also a microphone with which they shouted. They slowly increased the volume of the amplifier; It sounded like a police car whistle. When the sound became loud, I fainted and did not understand anything anymore. I don’t know how they brought me to my senses, they asked me to give an interview again, when I refused again, they closed the phones to my ears again and repeated the same thing. I fainted again. This was repeated four times and after each time I fell unconscious on the ground.

I do not remember how they brought me back to consciousness. After they were disappointed with this, they hung me on the wall again. This time my eyes were open and I saw a number of soldiers standing with Nanchukas in their hands, they started hitting me under the pretext of training, as if they wanted to teach karate to the soldiers with this method, and the only means of training was my wounded, thirsty and hungry body.

The pain caused by this work and also the enemy’s attempt to humiliate me, who was a revolutionary and had managed to inflict blows on the enemy, were very annoying to me. They had killed my parents and siblings and I had nothing but my body for my purpose. I don’t know how many hours they played with my painful body. A lot of blood was flowing from my head and face. Finally, they took me to the doctor’s office, gave me another unit of blood, injected me, and again hung me blindfolded on the same wall.

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