Spokesman of the 7th Program Consolidation Commission: Gasoline will not become more expensive – rahnam

According to the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, in the public meeting of the Islamic Council this Tuesday morning (November 23), the representatives of the parliament reviewed the 7th development plan bill, which is related to the duty of the parliament to the government to create diversity in the country’s fuel basket as follows. became.

Part 2, Clause “P”, Article 46 of the Seventh Program Bill: In order to solve the gasoline imbalance, create diversity in the country’s fuel basket, implement passive defense tasks and the Clean Air Law, the Program and Budget Organization is obliged to cooperate with the ministries of oil, the country, and the mining industry. and trade, the Environmental Protection Organization and the National Standards Organization, the comprehensive plan for the provision and allocation of energy carriers for the country’s road transport network, including gasoline, oil, gas, LPG, electricity and compressed natural gas, within a maximum period of six months after Promulgate this law to be prepared and approved by the Council of Ministers.

Hojjat al-Islam Naqd Ali said in opposition to this clause of the bill: “We had good proposals in the budget bill regarding gasoline or energy carriers, which referred to the distribution of fuel to people’s national cards, and it was a fair proposal, but the Islamic Council did not agree to it, but Based on the clause that is given now, we give the authority to determine the price of gasoline to the government, and if the government wants to, it can increase the price of gasoline.

He continued: People can no longer afford to make goods more expensive. What clause is included in the seventh development plan bill and this clause is shameful. According to this paragraph, the government has the authority to determine the price of energy carriers, while according to the constitution, this is the authority of the parliament.

In agreeing to this clause of the bill, Hojjatul-Islam Zakir said: The increase in the price of gasoline is not an issue in this clause. The Islamic Council does not allow gasoline to become more expensive in this situation, but in this section of the bill, the issue of fuel management and gasoline imbalance management is discussed.

Mohsen Zanganeh, the spokesperson of the Consolidation Commission, stated in the explanation of this paragraph: The government had included in the bill a plan to decide with price and non-price policies regarding the adjustment of the consumption of energy carriers, but the Islamic Council opposed this issue and removed the discussion of price policies.

He continued: The reality is that we now have an imbalance in electricity, gasoline and other energy carriers. For this dissatisfaction, we obliged the government to diversify the country’s fuel basket. In this paragraph, we say that they should try to diversify the country’s fuel basket based on geographical features and capacities, and there is no question of increasing the price of gasoline.

Finally, the representatives agreed with this clause of the seventh development plan bill.

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