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According to rahnam news agency from Kish, Mehrdad Bazarpash, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the new terminal of Kish International Airport in the presence of journalists, considered the construction of this terminal with such dimensions as one of the necessities of the region and said: the current value of this project is about 5 thousand billion tomans. and is considered as one of the symbols of the development of the region.

Stating that free zones are one of the main investment opportunities, he added: In line with the airport infrastructure development policy, a cargo terminal should also be built to complete these services, and the number of flights should be increased for easier access to Kish Island.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development continued: Considering that Kish Island is supposed to play the role of investment in the country, we must provide the infrastructure to attract domestic and foreign investment through this island.

He further pointed to the development of infrastructure in the marine transportation sector of Kish Island and said: due to the existence of important and strategic ports in Hormozgan province and the transfer of large volumes of goods from these ports, the development of port infrastructure in Hormozgan province is on the agenda.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development emphasized: Also, connecting to the north of the country through rail lines that complete the north-south chains is also a demand of the people and other countries of the region and is a priority of the plans.

Bazarpash reminded: These days transit routes are the focus of all international summits and Iran is in the center of attention despite the special transit opportunities.

A significant number of aircraft will be added to the air transport fleet by the end of the government

In another part of his speech, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development mentioned the development of the air fleet and said: despite the cruel sanctions in the air industry of our country, the resilience of this industry is increasing day by day and the development of the fleet is also being pursued by various methods.

He said that in the 13th government, a number of planes are purchased almost every month, and added: until the end of the government, a significant number of planes will be added to the country’s air transport fleet.

Bazarpash considered the conditions of traffic and air services on Kish Island to be suitable and said: Considering the provided infrastructure, we are trying to increase the number of daily flights on this island.

Targeting the creation of 27 coastal towns in line with the implementation of sea-oriented development policies

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development explained about the overall sea-oriented development policies announced by the supreme leader: a large part of this document is related to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in the maritime economy, and one of the plans of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in this area is targeting 27 points in the country. To build a coastal town in the form of a plan to “connect” the provinces with the economy of the sea.

He continued: The necessary approvals for this plan have been obtained in the Planning Council of 4 provinces of Khuzestan, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Sistan and Baluchistan and the result will be reached in the Supreme Council of Architecture and Urban Planning in the coming months.

Bazarpash considered the project of “coupling” the provinces with the maritime economy as one of the big and strategic plans of the country, which will increase population density in the country.

He continued: These cities are productive cities in all industries, including agriculture and petrochemicals, and the construction of housing in coastal towns is one of the serious plans of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, which will be realized by increasing the population of these towns.

According to Bazarpash, investment opportunities in these coastal towns will be introduced during a conference within the next two months.

Agreement with the organization of free zones to build housing in these areas

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development also said about the construction of housing in the free zones: this issue has been approved by the Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture, considering the appropriate infrastructure of the free zones in terms of land and the need.

He emphasized: “Soon, according to the agreement with the Supreme Council of Commercial-Industrial and Special Economic Free Zones, the operation of building residential units in these areas will begin, in the form of the national housing movement and in accordance with the patterns governing the free zones.

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