From the accusation of falsification of the resignation letter to the indirect connection with the naturalization; What is the reason for the dismissal of Mohammad Al-Halbousi from the presidency of the parliament? – rahnam

According to rahnam International Group, the Supreme Constitutional Court of Iraq issued a ruling to cancel the representation of “Mohammed Al-Halbusi” in the Iraqi Parliament. According to this ruling, Al-Halbousi will lose his parliamentary seat and consequently cannot hold the presidency of the legislature.

The Supreme Constitutional Court has issued this ruling based on the complaint of two representatives named “Laith Al-Dulaimi” and “Basem Khashan”. It is noteworthy that the Supreme Constitutional Court has also ruled on the cancellation of Leith Al-Dulaimi’s membership.

The story of Bassem Khashan’s complaint

Bassem Khashan is one of the independent representatives who entered the parliament, who was considered among the full-fledged opponents of al-Halbousi from the very first days. He recently announced that he had obtained documents that “end the political life of al-Halbousi!” He submitted these documents to the Supreme Constitutional Court, and now with the court ruling, it seems that Basim Khashan’s claim has been confirmed!

According to the ruling of the Supreme Court, Al-Halbousi, as the head of the “Progress Party” signed a contract with a foreign company that has a role in normalizing relations between the Zionist regime and a number of countries, and one of the biggest advisers of that company is “Ehud Barak”, the former prime minister of the Zionist regime. Is.

According to the “criminalization of naturalization” law (criminalization of any attempt to recognize the Zionist regime), no politician has the right to sign commercial contracts with multinational companies with Zionist shareholders. Also, no party or official has the right to sign a contract with a company whose specialty is normalization.

The story of Laith Al-Dulaimi’s complaint

The story of Leith Al-Dulaimi’s complaint goes back to the fact that the named person was a member of the “Advance Party” (headed by Mohammad Al-Halbousi); But after a while, he aligned himself with his political rivals and resigned from the Tohadad party. At that time, it was pretended in the media that his resignation was not only from the “Parliament Party faction” but also from the “parliamentary representative”! Al-Halboosi, as the speaker of the parliament, officially announced the acceptance of Leith Al-Dulaimi’s resignation and initiated the process of his replacement.

For further explanation, it should be said that according to the Iraqi election law, if one of the members of the parliament resigns, his seat will go to the candidate who has the highest number of votes in the same constituency among the candidates who did not run. In other words, if three people enter parliament from a constituency, if one of them resigns, his seat goes to the fourth person from the same constituency.

Shortly after, Leith Al-Dulimi announced that he never resigned from the parliament and that the resignation letter attributed to him was forged by Al-Halboosi! In this context, he complained to the Supreme Constitutional Court.

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