2 other rahnam news about the presence of several thousand Americans in Israel’s military and nuclear affairs was also confirmed – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Rai Elyoum, a well-known Arabic-language media, quoted some of its sources, and announced that the Americans, through a Lebanese mediator supported by all parties, informed the resistance that the American soldiers in the occupied territories are participating in the war alongside the Zionist army. They will not have and the mission assigned to them is special.

The media also wrote that Pentagon sources said that 2,000 American troops are present in Israel. However, this media said that Pentagon sources have claimed that most of these forces are military advisers.

Also, this media wrote that the purpose of sending these forces is to support two nuclear centers in the occupied territories, namely Dimona and the Saharan region of “Tabneh”.

Previously, rahnam announced in two news reports that 5,000 American soldiers are involved in Israeli operations against the people of Gaza, part of which is direct participation and most of it is support, guidance, etc. It has been handed over to the Americans.

What Eliom’s opinion has brought about the confession of the American sources is, in the first place, the confirmation of both of these news; The news that some Israeli media used to describe as the psychological operation of the Hebrew website rahnam against them!

American sources tried to deny this news before, and now they confirm at least part of it; But in this confirmation, they have kept a part of the story secret. One of the hidden cases is the direct presence of the American military in the crime against the people of Gaza. The American sources of Royaleum deny this issue, while Christopher Mauer, the assistant secretary of defense of the United States, had officially confirmed the presence of American commandos alongside the Israelis in a press conference!

Another hidden item is the number of 5,000 US troops, of which this Ray Elium source has so far confirmed 2,000 troops. Hiding direct operating military force, such as commandos, can be directly proportional to hiding the remaining 3,000 troops.

Rai Elium’s sources also implicitly confirm the collapse of the Israeli macro-management system; This has caused Israel to need American managers and forces to protect its nuclear facilities.

Read rahnam’s two previous news here:

The arrival of American commanders in the occupied territories to participate in military operations against has also led to the deepening of the gap in the command body and hierarchy of the Zionist army, so that some commanders of the Israeli army have stated that Netanyahu did not trust the structure and senior officials of the army. Israel has invited American forces to participate in this war.

The differences within the structure of Israel’s intelligence and security society, especially between two important institutions, namely the Intelligence and Internal Security Organization (Shabak) and the Ministry of Internal Security, which is headed by the controversial Zionist minister Itamar Ben Gower, have led to the process of purging high-ranking generals and The emergence of strikes in the military and other organizations present in the Israeli intelligence community should be strengthened.

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