The continuation of the closure of universities and schools in Isfahan/schools in 10 cities became absent – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Isfahan, Mansour Shihfarosh stated: The stability and absolute calmness of the atmosphere continues to cover Isfahan and several cities, and cloudiness brings with it an increase in the concentration of pollutants and a decrease in the field.

He added: Based on the approval of the working group for the coordination of air pollution emergencies in Isfahan province, the educational classes of universities and higher education centers as well as all levels of education in the six districts of Isfahan city and the districts and educational districts of Khomeinishahr, Flowerjan, Shahinshahr, Zarinshahr, Mubarakeh, Najafabad, Pirbakran, Fouladshahr, Barkhar and Sajzi will be absent on Tuesday, November 23.

Director General of Crisis Management of Isfahan Governorate stated: According to the forecast of the Meteorological Organization, with the arrival of an unstable system in the next 24 hours, the stability of the atmosphere will decrease and with the decrease in the concentration of pollutants, a favorable situation is predicted for Wednesday.

He emphasized: the plan to limit the traffic of cars with even and odd number plates in Isfahan city will be implemented from the front door, and in addition to preventing the traffic of cars that emit smoke and lack technical inspection, traffic police will enforce the law.

Emphasizing that all the previous approvals of this working group are still valid, the glass seller stated: the supervisory bodies of the Isfahan province air pollution emergency coordination working group are monitoring polluting sources, field investigation of conditions and dealing with violators around the clock.

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