The approval of the Consolidation Commission with a 100% increase in pensioners’ salaries within 3 years – rahnam

Ramzan Ali Sangdwini, a member of the Presidium of the Commission for the Consolidation of the Seventh Development Plan Bill, in an interview with the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, announced the approval of the equalization of pensioners’ rights in this commission.

He said: According to this resolution, it was decided to add 40% to pensioners’ salaries in the first year of implementation of the seventh plan, 30% in the second year of implementation, and 30% in the third year of implementation of the seventh plan.

According to rahnam, according to this resolution, the pensioners’ salaries of the same job category as the working employees will increase. In addition, in order to become a law, this resolution must be approved by the Guardian Council in addition to being approved in the open session of the parliament.

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