Simafilm’s serious plan to make comedy series/ Will Masoud Jafarijozani’s “Puriai Wali” be launched? – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, Simafilm is busy filming several series these days and negotiating for the revival of sequels (serials) that the audience has many memories of. From the series “Noonkh” which has just started its new season to be broadcast during the days of Nowruz and Ramadan, to “Zirkhaki” which the head of the national media mentioned the beginning of its pre-production, as well as negotiations for the seventh season of “Capital” which is seriously pursued. will be

Therefore, looking at the list of new series that are now in front of the camera and have reached pre-production, it shows that although the Broadcasting Organization is very serious about reviving and producing comedy series, on the other hand, it is also thinking about the boom of TV specials and also the transformation to Broadcasting system reported that Mehdi Naqoyan talked about these events on the sidelines behind the scenes of Haj Qasim Soleimani’s “Terror” series.

Naqoyan shared some things about these cases and the story of the making of “Puriai Vali” or the time of the production of the “Musa” series and the change of approach in the television broadcasting system to rahnam reporter, and he also answered the questions of several other reporters.

In response to a rahnam reporter’s question about the start of Masoud Jafari Jozani’s “Puriai Wali”, Naqoyan said: “Mr. Jabali raised a point about A. specials that is not in the category of Semafilm and Semafilm.” Because the financial and budget discussion of this type of series is approved by the government and parliament. However, we should not forget that this is the first time in the history of television that we are producing two special programs “Salman Farsi” and “Hazrat Musa (AS)”.

Also, in response to another question about when the series “Moses (AS)” will officially start its production, he added: “We need new technologies for the production of the series “Moses (AS)” and the production of the series is linked to the introduction of these technologies. For this reason, the preparations for the work have been prepared and step by step this technology will be imported and completed in Iran, and the production will enter the next phases in order.

He also stated about Poriya: But I have to raise the point that this series is Masoud Jafari Jozani and preparations have been made before its pre-production along with his evaluations. The next step is the actual pre-production and production, but it all depends on the approval of the budget.

Naqoyan also explained the reasons behind the suspension of “Salman Farsi” series: “Salman Farsi” and “Hazrat Musa” series are going according to their schedule, and fortunately, one season of “Salman Farsi” has been made and these days it is progressing in the Iranian phase. But let’s not forget that stopping is a common occurrence of serials and apart from special A, it also stops. Of course, I emphasize that “Salman Farsi” is being produced and there is no break.

He further raised this additional point regarding the “Capital” series: Fortunately, we are negotiating with “Capital” and we have had and are having serious negotiations. Therefore, whenever the negotiations come to a conclusion, everyone will be informed, and we must not forget that the news of the “capital” is not news and should not be hidden. But if we did provide an explanation, it was mostly because it was said that the head of the Broadcasting Organization had a meeting with the producers of the “Capital” series, which was denied.

Referring again to the negotiations about the Capital series, Naqoyan said: This incident is aimed at fulfilling one of the clauses of the transformation document, which refers to the revival of the brands of the TV and Broadcasting Organization and the creation of their new seasons.

The head of Simafilm emphasized about the production of satirical series and attention to this genre on television: the issue of humor and comedy is our concern to create joy and happiness in the society, but the issue of making satirical series is a point that must be planned carefully, because the production Humor is a difficult and complex task and should not be taken lightly, so it is not enough to just have the will to produce it, but a careful investigation and proper study must be done in order to broadcast the appropriate humor from the TV frame for families.

Referring to the old humor production teams, Naqoyan said: generally, based on the available information and statistics, there were limited teams working on humor, but today these teams may not work or their work is limited, because of this, maybe the production process It is a bit limited.

Referring to the activities of the platforms for the production of satirical series, he also said: Considering the market for satirical series, the platforms have taken steps in this field and have launched works, but based on the specialized and detailed reviews of our experts, you should know that the platforms have not been able to do satirical work either. The success of the producer that reaches the next seasons and remains successful for a long period.

The head of the broadcasting company clarified the task of “Zirkhaki” and several other series/ the story of Mehran Madiri and “Behafiq Palestine”

The head of Sima Films continued: “Fortunately, apart from “Zirkhaki” and “Nunkh”, we are also negotiating “Capital” and also the estimates of the work process of the series “Tanz Badl” directed by Ali Masoudi show that this series will be launched in Nowruz. It will arrive this year. In addition, “Qol Mardoone” and “Honeymoon” are two series that have excellent scripts that are in the stage of pre-production and selection of actors. We have a serious plan for the promotion of comedy on television, and God willing, it will be able to show itself on the air.

In response to rahnam’s reporter’s question about the reason for the change in the broadcasting system, Naqoyan added: “Good things have happened to the broadcasting system and we will have two serials a week on two channels, one and three, on a continuous basis. Of course, it may be disrupted in one or two months, but in general, we are loyal to this broadcast system, and I promise that the broadcast will be in order in the next month or two. For example, it is planned for channels one and two that we will have one series from Saturday to Wednesday and the second series from these two channels on Thursday and Friday. We are also assigning special series for Eid and Ramadan to the channel.

He clarified: This decision was made because the audience can see three new serials a day, while iFilm, Tamasha, Show and other channels broadcast foreign serials. Three serials per day is a high volume of the conductor; The conductor who was available to broadcast serials from 8 to 11 in the evening, and why should he not be available to the TV program as well.

In the end, the head of Simafilm pointed out: It is the general policy of the Broadcasting Organization that the two main channels to broadcast serials are Channels 1 and 3, and that Channel 2 should be the backup channel that broadcasts special series. Of course, the sitcom, which is a show and is considered a series, will be a special production of the Simorgh Center and will be on the air soon. The priority of sitcom broadcasting will be on Do Cima network.

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