Security center of the Israeli regime: 95% of the demonstrations in the world are in support of Palestine and against Israel – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, amid the growing concern of the Zionists about the great wave of anger of the world public opinion against Israel following the continuous crimes of this regime against the civilians of Gaza, the Center for Internal Security Studies of the Zionist regime announced in a report the number of supporters of Palestine in the world since the beginning of the war. Currently, Gaza has increased significantly and the number of supporters of Israel has decreased by the same amount.

This Zionist center announced in its report that the results of surveys and evaluations show that 95 percent of people who have held demonstrations in response to the Gaza war around the world support Palestine. Since the beginning of the current war in Gaza, 3891 demonstrations have been held in 92 countries of the world, the number of demonstrations in support of Palestine is much more than Israel, and this process continues in the same way.

In the continuation of this report, it is emphasized that in the first 6 days of the war, 69% of all demonstrations in the world were against Israel and in support of the Palestinians, and 31% of these demonstrations were in favor of Israel. However, since the announcement of the “Day of Rage” by Hamas on October 13, the number of anti-Israeli demonstrations in the world has increased significantly, and currently 95% of these demonstrations are in support of Palestine and anti-Israel, and only 5% support Israel.

The Center for Internal Security Studies of the Zionist regime added that at least in 88 countries of the world, we see continuous demonstrations in support of Palestine, and the most anti-Israeli demonstrations have been held in 4 countries of the world, namely Turkey, Iran, Yemen, and the United States.

After revealing the true face and brutality and terrorist nature of the Zionists following the historical crimes they commit in Gaza, the public opinion of the world, especially in European and American countries, is significantly expressing their anger and hatred towards Israel, and even though This regime had spent about 14 million dollars to promote its false narratives of the Gaza war in Europe and the United States, but it could not deceive the public opinion, and massive anti-Zionist demonstrations around the world continue at the same time as the occupation’s crimes in Gaza continue.

In the same context, Al Jazeera announced in a report that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Zionist regime spent more than 13.5 million dollars to advertise its narrative of the Gaza war in Europe. This is while the Palestinians showed their true narrative of the Gaza war to the world without any financial cost, and in other words, the public opinion of the world woke up after seeing the open crimes of the occupying regime.

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