Sardar Hajizadeh: America had three stages of correspondence with Iran in one night / We are at the peak of power – rahnam

According to the defense correspondent of rahnam news agency, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force, said this morning (Monday, November 22) on the sidelines of the Congress commemorating Martyr Tehrani Moghadam at Shahid Rajaee University: Martyr Tehrani Moghadam has three characteristics of a strong manager and commander. had the He was sincere, revolutionary and efficient.

He added: Today, if our managers have these three qualities, they can be successful in all fields, both military and civilian.

Referring to Martyr Moghadam’s management model, Sardar Hajizadeh said: The leader of the revolution said that he did not study management, but he had natural management skills. If we have these qualities in the selection of managers, we can overcome problems.

In response to a question about the situation in the region, the Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force said: “The issue of Gaza has become a global issue today, and the criminality of the Zionist regime, which was said by Imam Rahal and the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran more than 40 years ago, is now the depth of their crimes.” Nations in all continents have realized this.

He continued: “Perhaps in the past, the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran were criticized for saying this about the Zionist regime, but now the fact that they are child killers and the depth of the regime’s crimes have become clear to everyone and they will not live long.”

Saying that the victory of the Palestinian fighters is a great strategic victory, Sardar Hajizadeh clarified: this victory cannot be destroyed by tactical measures and criminal operations and the martyrdom of children, and they are absolutely victorious and in the future of the whole world this will be the case. They will see the issue.

In response to a question about Iran’s response to the expansion of the war to Lebanon and Hezbollah, the commander of the IRGC Air Force noted: Today, the war has expanded and Lebanon is involved. It is possible that the extent of conflicts will increase even more, the future is unclear, but Iran is ready for all conditions.

Sardar Hajizadeh also stated about the threat of Iran by America: Americans do not threaten Iran. In their correspondence, they sometimes had three stages of correspondence with Iran in one night, and all these correspondences are in the language of wishes and requests.

In the end, the commander of IRGC Aerospace Force stated: Iran is not in a situation where anyone wants to threaten it, we are at the peak of power and we have prepared ourselves for all situations.

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