Menuto network will be closed – rahnam

According to the political correspondent of rahnam News Agency, Menuto Network, which is one of the media of the anti-Iran trend and was known as the media of reporting of royalists and Baha’is in Iran, announced the possibility of the closure of this network in a message it published on its Telegram channel.

This message, which was published with the signature of Keyvan and Marjan Abbasi, the leaders of this network, announced that they will probably continue broadcasting until the end of January 2024 and then say goodbye to this network.

After last year’s riots, when the anti-Iran front faced failure, the anti-revolutionary media faced a credibility crisis and audience decline. The Iran International network, which was previously financed by Saudi capitalists, had to move to the lap of the Zionists due to the change of employer.

Just as the Iran International network tried to make it normal to give a platform to terrorist and separatist groups, during its 14 years of activity in the social and cultural fields, the Menuto network tried to destigmatize immoral and anti-value behaviors, and the productions of this network are mainly based on this. The type of look was focused.

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