Iran warned about the danger of nuclear weapons in the hands of the illegitimate Israeli regime – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Amir Saeed Irvani, Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, delivered a speech at the “Middle East region free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction” conference.

The text of the speech of the representative of Iran is as follows:

The current global outlook emphasizes the necessity of creating a Middle East region free of all weapons of mass destruction. The existence of such weapons, at the regional or global level, is considered a threat to humanity and often acts as a tool for blackmail. Internationally, there is an urgent need to address the risks associated with the possible sharing and proliferation of nuclear weapons by the United States and NATO.

– At the regional level, the arsenal of weapons at the disposal of the Israeli regime has raised real and widespread concerns about proliferation. Recent nuclear threats by high-ranking officials of the Israeli regime against Iran and Palestine highlight the danger of these weapons in the hands of such an illegitimate regime. In light of the recent atrocities in the Middle East, we express our urgent concern about Israel’s policy of nuclear ambiguity and the potential use of weapons of mass destruction in the conflict in Gaza or elsewhere, if not prevented now. The secrecy of Israel’s nuclear capabilities poses a significant threat to regional stability and calls for immediate action to address this issue. In this critical era, the need to create such a region in the Middle East has never been so urgent. Now, more than ever, creating a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction is a fundamental step toward a safer and more secure future.
We welcome the “Joint Declaration of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on the Threat of the Use of Nuclear Weapons by Israel” which was adopted with the full and valuable support of the OIC Member States on November 6, 2023. We suggest that another statement be issued by this conference condemning the nuclear threat posed by the Israeli regime. The purpose of this declaration is to condemn the use or threat of nuclear weapons and emphasize the need for transparency, responsible behavior and commitment to peaceful resolutions in the region.
– It is necessary that the international community accepts these threats of the Israeli regime as a clear wake-up call. The actions of the Israeli regime, including examples of terrorism and sabotage against civilian nuclear programs and scientists in the region, require the immediate intervention of international institutions such as the United Nations Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency.
– On the other hand, Israel’s unwarranted refusal to participate in this vital conference, bolstered by the unwavering support of the United States, is indefensible. Such reluctance and foreign support prevent critical discussions for global security. Ending this barrier and encouraging meaningful engagement is essential for international stability. Furthermore, any other country that enables Israel’s weapons activities violates international law and contributes to the proliferation of these dangerous weapons.
– On the eve of the fifth year of the conference, it is very important to determine the areas that need more attention, taking into account specific thematic discussions. Here are some great suggestions for leading a focused and productive conversation:
1- The duty of nuclear weapon-free zones is to ensure the absence of weapons in that area, so we emphasize the necessity of real disarmament before establishing nuclear weapon-free zones. Acknowledging the lack of an agreed-upon mechanism within the IAEA to monitor the destruction of nuclear weapons, we support further discussions on the use of existing mechanisms while identifying weaknesses. Addressing this issue is very important in creating nuclear weapon free zones, especially in a region like the Middle East with the real existence of weapons of mass destruction in the region. In furtherance of this goal, other critical aspects and options for verification can be discussed. In this regard, after thematic discussions, this issue should be referred to the working committee for a comprehensive solution, so that the technical experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the member countries follow up and effectively resolve the existing gaps.

2- The use of nuclear, biological and chemical technologies for peaceful purposes is vital, given past experiences of insufficient compliance by developing countries. The difference between the obligations of developing and developed countries regarding peaceful access to technology requires detailed provisions in the regional treaty. By providing for the facilitation of peaceful access to technology, the treaty should ensure not only the recognition of this right, but also specific enforcement mechanisms to defend members’ rights against any obstruction. It is necessary to prevent unilateral coercive measures in the direction of peaceful technology and international cooperation.
3- Acknowledging the importance of the participation of domestic stakeholders in facilitating the final goal of the conference, it is suggested that regional meetings be held for the participation of all domestic stakeholders from various military and civilian departments.

4- Using the valuable experiences of other regional treaties emphasizes the need for continuous and ongoing interaction with those organizations and treaties during the formulation and implementation of the treaty, so integrating these relationships into the work plan of the process is highly recommended.

In the end, without naming the specific country – and in order to reject the statements of delegations such as Yemen – it was emphasized that Iran remains determined to adhere to its international obligations and at the same time diligently protects its national interests in accordance with international laws.

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