Hard day for Zionists after Hezbollah’s crushing attacks/ 22 Israelis were wounded in the northern front – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, with the escalation of rocket and drone attacks by Lebanon’s Hezbollah against the positions of the Zionist enemy over the past few days, the Hebrew media announced that the effectiveness of Israel’s air strikes against Hezbollah is decreasing.

The Israeli army is on the defensive on the northern front

According to Al-Mayadin, these media emphasized that the Israeli army is not capable of conducting ground maneuvers on the northern front, and the situation in the north of Israel (occupied Palestine) on Sunday was more alarming than in the south. In the northern front, the Israeli army sank into the defensive shell and received blows and suffered casualties.

Zionist media also reported that Hezbollah has learned well how to strengthen its fortifications against the Israeli Air Force.

This is while Yoav Galant, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime, announced on Saturday that the Israeli army has directed a major part of its air force to the northern front with Lebanon, not the Gaza Strip.

The Center for Internal Security Studies of the Zionist regime also announced in a report for the same purpose that the situation on the northern front of Israel (Occupied Palestine) has become more dangerous in recent days and we have witnessed a significant escalation of Hezbollah’s operations.

This Zionist center emphasized that the conflict with Hezbollah in the northern front is still escalating and Israel must immediately make an appropriate decision; Because at the same time as the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, since last week we have seen a significant increase in tensions on the northern front with Hezbollah.

In the continuation of this report, it is stated that Hezbollah has expanded the scope of the battle by using new and heavy missiles that carry large amounts of explosives and also by introducing drones into the battlefield, and at the same time (Syed) Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Now is to maintain the strategy of “ambiguity about the image and equations of the future”.

According to this report, the field reality along the northern borders with Lebanon has changed, and the security cabinet and the military and political institutions of Israel must adopt a suitable method to interact with the possibility of changing the method of Israeli operations in the northern front.

Injuring 22 Zionists in the north of occupied Palestine

On the other hand, the Zionist media reported on Monday that 22 Israeli settlers and soldiers were injured following Hezbollah attacks with anti-armor rockets and mortars on the northern front of occupied Palestine. (referring to the attacks that Hezbollah carried out yesterday evening against the positions of the Zionist enemy).

In this regard, the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz reported that 15 settlers were injured, 2 of them are in a critical condition, following the attack of Hezbollah with anti-armor rockets on the town of “Doviyo” in the Galilee, and 7 Israeli soldiers were also injured in the mortar attack of Hezbollah on the town of Al-Manara. .

Hard day for Zionists after Hezbollah attacks

The Zionist media announced that the Israeli army is on alert after spending the most important day on the northern borders since the beginning of the war.

The Zionist Kan network also reported that it took several hours to remove the wounded from the town of Doviyo and that the situation is extremely dangerous. This issue increases the frustration of the settlers in the border areas and the reserve forces and increases the pressure on the Israeli army. It is not at all easy for the Israelis to remain in the situation they have been in for a few weeks.

The Hebrew media considered yesterday the most inflammatory day for Israel since the beginning of the war in the northern front of the occupied Palestine and emphasized that Hezbollah does not pay attention to the warnings of Yoav Gallant (Minister of War of the Zionist regime). Hezbollah has also crossed the red line that Gallant talked about and does not pay attention to them, and these attacks by Hezbollah are a source of shame at the domestic level of Israel.

The reporter of the 12 TV channel of the Zionist regime also reported in the northern front of the occupied Palestine that despite the warnings of Gallant, we see that Hezbollah continues its attacks at a rapid pace and even the Israeli military establishment is not able to stop Hezbollah.

While the Zionist settlers are still evacuating the northern settlements for fear of Hezbollah attacks, the Zionist media expressed concern about the escalation of Hezbollah rocket attacks on the northern areas of occupied Palestine and announced that Hezbollah has the power to reach deep into Israel (occupied Palestine) if it wants to.

These media reported that the fact is that today the initiative on the northern front is in the hands of Hezbollah and the Israeli army is frustrated and has been on the defensive for a long time.

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