Hamas: The Zionists are under the “painful blows” of the resistance day and night/ every meter of advance equals the death of more Israeli soldiers – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, “Osame Hamdan”, one of the senior leaders of the Hamas movement, in a speech referring to the continuous crimes of the occupying regime against the civilians of Gaza and especially the hospitals and medical centers, declared that the responsibility of the Zionist crimes in the hospitals is the responsibility of all those who stand against this. The killings remained silent or did nothing to stop it, and they did not take a step to criminalize these crimes and try their perpetrators in international courts and circles.

Osama Hamdan added, neo-Nazis (Zionists) carried out a great massacre in Al-Mu’amdani hospital on October 17, in which 500 people were martyred and nearly 600 were injured, most of them children, while the world is still standing and watching. And not only does he do nothing to prosecute and prosecute the occupying regime, but he also promotes the lies of the Zionists to give them the green light to commit more crimes.

This Hamas leader stated that the occupiers are continuing their crimes against Gaza hospitals while the world is watching these scenes on television. The occupiers bombed Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Al-Nasr Complex, Indonesia Hospital and Quds Hospital, preventing the movement of ambulances and destroying all the medical equipment of the hospitals.

America is the main responsible for the crimes committed by the Zionists in Gaza

He continued, the Zionist enemy tried to escape from the responsibility of this crime by telling lies after the massacre he carried out in the Al-Mu’amdani hospital, but today he openly and directly targets the hospitals and does not pay any attention to the anger of the people of the world or the concerns of his supporters and partners. The American government and its president, Joe Biden, are primarily responsible for the Zionist crimes in Gaza, and these barbaric attacks are carried out with American fighters and missiles and with the absolute support of the United States.

Hamdan emphasized: We say to the occupying regime and its failed neo-Nazi leaders, “If you brutally target medical centers in Gaza, the resistance men in the field will answer you and you will pay a heavy price.” The enemy’s army is receiving painful blows day and night, and every meter it advances pays a heavy price in its ranks and military vehicles, and a large number of its forces die.

The Gaza Strip is governed only by its people

In response to the alleged US plan to administer Gaza after the war and form an “alternative government” instead of Hamas in this region, this senior member of Hamas announced: “We tell the Americans that the Gaza Strip will be governed only by its people and no political and security authorities.” There is nothing but Palestinians there. We are a free people who are not under anyone’s tutelage, and our blood and lives are the price of our freedom and the honor of our patient and steadfast people, whose greatness and power cannot be described in words.”

He said, so Americans should not bother to think for themselves and instead find a solution to get down from the tree; Before they burn in its fire (saving themselves from the quagmire of the Gaza war).

Osama Hamdan said about the results of the meeting of Arab and Islamic heads of states that was held in Riyadh on Saturday: the results of the meeting of the heads of Arab and Islamic countries lacked decisions, procedures and an effective and immediate mechanism to stop the genocidal war of the Nazis against children and defenseless civilians of Gaza. We expected our Arab and Muslim brothers to activate their political and economic power to pressure Washington to immediately stop the aggression against the civilians and children of Gaza.

This Hamas leader emphasized: However, the decision of the summit to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the immediate arrival of aid, relief, medical equipment and fuel to this region is moving in the right direction, and we predict that this decision will be implemented as soon as possible by opening human crossings in the form of To be implemented continuously.

Israel prevents the release of its prisoners

Osama Hamdan also announced about the case of prisoners: The Zionist regime prevents any agreement to carry out a prisoner exchange deal. Israel is trying to put psychological pressure on the resistance and mediators in the case of prisoners, but so far no final formula has been presented for the release of prisoners. Until the final agreement is reached, it cannot be said that we are far or close to an agreement. Any prisoner exchange process must be related to the arrival of food, medicine and fuel aid to Gaza hospitals and the cessation of Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people.

He continued: Our position was clear from the beginning and we said that the release of the Zionist military prisoners who are in the resistance is possible only with the release of all the Palestinian prisoners, the number of these prisoners was 5 thousand before the Al-Aqsa storm battle and after that it was about 9. It has reached a thousand tons. International efforts have been made regarding the release of Zionist civilian prisoners and prisoners of other nationalities, but the Zionist side has so far prevented all these efforts.

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