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According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Rezamarad Sahrai; The Minister of Education said today about the creation of different textbooks, according to the gender of girls and boys: this is a completely educational matter and has nothing to do with attitudes and issues like this.

He added: the social needs of girls and boys are different from each other, and religious and educational books are different from each other in some cases; Also, the needs of girls’ and boys’ schools are different, but some people have a habit of miscalculating.

According to rahnam, some textbooks such as thinking and lifestyle in the first secondary school are written differently for boys and girls to meet the specific needs of each group of students.

Textbooks, Rezamarad Sahrai,

Also, the Minister of Education said at the Behindakht festival yesterday: The fundamental change document emphasizes that the textbooks should be different according to the gender of girls and boys, also the culture of modesty should be institutionalized and the family should be educated through school.

We have 8 million female students and 550,000 female teachers across the country, now the condition of Iranian schools and students is much better than in other countries and in the past years, but what the Islamic revolution wants from us and the ideal of martyrs is much higher.

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