Destruction of a large fuel smuggling gang in Bandar Abbas/ 10 smugglers were arrested – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Bandar Abbas, Mojtaba Garhamani stated: On the order of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Hormozgan Province, an organized gang of fuel smuggling was identified and destroyed in Bandar Abbas during a strike operation by naval forces.

He added: This organized gang used to smuggle 6 million liters of diesel fuel monthly through the sea using the people and equipment it had.

Chief of Justice of Hormozgan province stated: After identifying and impounding a barge belonging to members of this gang, naval officers also discovered and confiscated 350 thousand liters of smuggled fuel during the inspection of the said vessel.

He continued: After the necessary coordination with the relevant authorities, 10 members of this organized fuel smuggling gang have been arrested and handed over to the judicial authorities.

This judicial official also stated that the perpetrators of organized fuel smuggling are sentenced to confiscation of the property resulting from the crime in addition to fines and imprisonment, and said: in line with the implementation of Article 20 of the law on combating the smuggling of floating goods, being involved in the matter of smuggling is also for the benefit of the government. will be recorded.

At the end, Ghahrani emphasized: the criminal actions of fuel smugglers will not be hidden from the information umbrella of the judicial system and law enforcement officers, and the punishment of the perpetrators of such crimes will be decisive and without tolerance.

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