The promise of the Deputy Minister of Roads/Rasht-Qazvin Freeway will be under the burden of traffic during Nowruz – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Rasht, Khairullah Khademi during his visit to the implementation of the Rasht-Qazvin freeway project (between Manjil and Rudbar) announced the physical progress of the Rasht-Qazvin freeway project at 90% and stated that only 10% of this project has been completed. The remaining full operation, that part of the work can be completed after the operation, but the conclusions are that the work will be completed by the end of the year and the Nowruz Eid will be under the burden of traffic.

He added: The time set for the contractor and the executors until the final completion is at the end of February this year, but a delay of 15 days is expected for its completion. So far, a total of 17,500 billion Rials have been allocated for this project in different years and the cost has been

According to the Deputy Minister of Roads, the value of this freeway is close to 55 thousand billion Rials, and the resources needed to complete it are estimated at 5 thousand billion Rials.

Referring to the government’s help and assistance in completing and operating this project, Khademi emphasized: According to the government’s approval, 100% of the travel approval funds have been provided in cash with the cooperation of the Gilan Governorate and the government’s special care, and the remaining credit amount Until the final completion, with the latest follow-ups of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the head of the organization, the plan and budget will be allocated, and by the end of 1402 at the latest, this route will be operational and the runway will be under traffic.

The CEO of the country’s infrastructure construction and development company emphasized: based on the agreement made for the well-being of the people of the region and the absence of damage to the livelihoods of the people who work on this route, one lane of this route will be activated and signs will be installed.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: The signs will be installed in such a way that the peak traffic is upstream and cars can pass through these structures, but if we want to have the return route from the same road and runway, two-way signs will be installed. It will be until passing through these tunnels to the downstream side and the traffic knot of the route will be solved.

He clarified: The construction process of this eight and a half kilometer route is one of the most difficult road projects in the country in terms of the number of tunnels and bridges located on the route. This route has the longest open road bridge in the country. 2 km from the creation of the waterway, this freeway had hard chips, which were more difficult to build than bridges, and inside the rock, quarrying was done and the bridge was built.

Emphasizing that this route was one of the most difficult implementation routes of the Ministry of Roads, he added: The residential nature of this area and the intersection with the economic activities of the people made the work difficult along with the special and unknown geological context of the area. An axis that was flooded, but with all these conditions, the road was built, tunnels were dug, and bridges were built.

He clarified: 270 meters of the runway of one of the tunnels remain, which will be put into operation within the next month at most, and part of the work that will take time is related to the facilities, the contractor will soon install the lighting, and we can do it according to the schedule. To complete the work on schedule, of course, providing credit resources is also one of the necessities that should be given serious attention.

Asadollah Abbasi, the governor of Gilan, also stated that the activities of the contractors of this project should be better and more impressive compared to their obligations, and added: It has been approved that the contractors will carry out the work in three shifts and around the clock, so they must do their best for the final completion and benefits. It should be removed.

Emphasizing that the contractors of the Rasht-Qazvin freeway project should not postpone the work under the pretext of making excuses, he added: their demands will be assessed and action will be taken to pay them.

The high representative of the government in Gilan pointed out: Although there was a break in the implementation of the Rasht-Qazvin freeway project in 1400 and the executive body (Ministry of Roads and Urban Development) did not fulfill its obligations, but this problem was solved by paying the demands of the contractors. That now there is no problem with payments.

He stated: Despite this, efforts have been made by the contractors to advance and implement the Rasht-Qazvin freeway project, but we expect the contractors not to go back, considering the importance of this project, its completion should be the focus of action while maintaining quality. .

Referring to the cooperation of all executive bodies of the province, including telecommunications, water and electricity, in the implementation of the mentioned project, the governor of Gilan said: what is within the scope of the duties of the province and the executive bodies of Gilan should be done in the best way, and the related departments of this area even They do not have the right to stop the project for a moment.

He pointed out the national and international importance of the Rasht-Qazvin freeway and clarified: all managers of executive bodies must cooperate to complete this project.

Emphasizing that there is no problem in the province that hinders the activities of independent contractors on the Rasht-Qazvin road, he clarified that the necessary support will be provided to the contractors of this project.

Referring to the tourism acceptability of Gilan and the presence of travelers throughout the year and on various occasions in this region, Abbasi said: The completion of this project will make traveling to Gilan easier and more convenient.

The governor of Gilan with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the CEO of the Country Road Construction and Development Company and the members of the Supreme Technical Council of the Planning and Budget Organization made a field visit to the remaining Rasht Qazvin freeway (near Manjil Rudbar) and a special meeting with the presence of the general managers of the Held related executive and project contractors.

Rasht-Qazvin freeway with a total length of 137.4 km is one of the most important roads in the country and a part of the international north-south corridor, which is considered as the shortest, cheapest and most suitable way to transport goods between the two continents of Asia and Europe, while being a freeway It is central in reducing the traffic load entering the province.

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