The human tragedy that the Zionists have unleashed in Gaza hospitals; The massacre of babies to the assassination of doctors – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, in a situation where the Zionist occupation regime has intensified its direct war with Gaza hospitals, the bombing of these hospitals continues and the occupation forces are focused on destroying Al-Shifa Hospital as the largest medical complex in Gaza, which provides the most services to patients and The injured are present. The spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced yesterday that this hospital is completely out of order.

The real disaster that the occupiers have unleashed in Gaza hospitals

Dr. Mohammad Abu Salimeh, the director of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, announced the shutdown of this hospital and said that due to the power cut and the continuous bombing of the hospital premises, there is a great danger to the lives of the patients who are in the intensive care unit, as well as children. The occupying regime targets anyone they see in the hospital yard.

He added, we have sounded the alarm to the International Committee of the Red Cross about the disastrous situation in the hospitals, but we have not received any response.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Nadi, the head of Al-Shifa Hospital’s surgery department, also announced that this hospital is no longer able to provide services and the situation is catastrophic. There is no electricity or water in the hospital and the medical teams sometimes have to leave some patients to their fate and cannot do anything for them. Currently, 600 patients and dozens of children in this hospital are at risk of death due to the continued interruption of water and electricity.

Dr. Mounir Albarsh, Director General of the Gaza Ministry of Health, referring to the complete shutdown of al-Shifa hospital, announced that one of the newborns died in this hospital. The occupying regime has launched a new holocaust in Gaza by targeting al-Shifa hospital.

All the hospitals in northern Gaza stopped working

“Ashraf al-Qadara”, the spokesman of the Gaza Ministry of Health, also described the disastrous situation of this hospital and said that at the entrance of al-Shifa hospital, which has turned into an open field for the Israelis, the wounded and martyrs are lying on the ground and we are under bombardment from all sides. The hospital is completely out of order and we are trying to help the sick and injured with basic methods and without equipment.

He emphasized that all the hospitals in the north of Gaza are out of order and only Al-Mu’amdani hospital is active with very few services and in a limited way.

While al-Shifa Hospital’s communication with the outside world has also been cut off, Youssef Abu Al-Rish, the deputy of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, has announced the last message that may be heard from this hospital and said that all the means of life in Al-Shifa Hospital have been exhausted and death has occurred. It casts a shadow over the heads of all the wounded and children.

Bombing children’s hospitals

Other hospitals in Gaza are not in better conditions than al-Shifa Hospital, and the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that Israeli tanks are currently 20 meters away from Al-Quds Hospital and are shooting directly at the hospital and the refugees sheltered there.

“Mohammed Al-Madhi,” the head of the surgery department of Al-Rentisi Hospital, which specializes in children, said that there is currently no place in Gaza that treats children, and this shows that children suffer the most damage from the enemy’s aggression. The Zionists have surrounded the hospital for 3 days and are asking us to leave the hospital, but we refused.

“Mohammed Zagout”, the director general of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, said about the extremely critical situation of the health and medical sector in this region that we are constantly contacting UNRWA and the World Health Organization, but they say that there is nothing they can do. Negotiations were also held with the Red Cross to bring some fuel to the hospitals, but the Red Cross announced that elements of the occupying regime’s army are preventing fuel from entering Gaza.

Complete disconnection with Al-Shifa Hospital

International organizations also warned about the complete destruction of Gaza’s medical sector. Doctors Without Borders announced in this context that the communication of this organization with its employees inside Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza has been cut off and we are worried about the lives of doctors and patients. Stopping attacks on hospitals and protecting the lives of doctors and patients and supporting medical centers is an urgent necessity.

The Doctors Without Borders organization emphasized in its statement that the attacks on al-Shifa hospital continue to intensify, while there are patients inside the hospital who cannot move. Hospitals in Gaza are constantly bombarded; While the patients and doctors are still inside the hospitals.

The lives of 1 million Palestinian children in Gaza are at risk

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) also warned that the lives of 1 million Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip are in serious danger due to the almost complete collapse of the medical and health sector.

Referring to the shutdown of Al-Nasr and Al-Rentisi hospitals, which were dedicated to children, UNICEF announced that the continuation of attacks on these hospitals threatens the lives of children, especially children who are undergoing dialysis and special care. In addition, thousands of children in the north of Gaza have no safe place to go, and in the shadow of the intensification of attacks and the lack of any facilities for life, they have a catastrophic situation.

The invaders attacked the maternity hospital and the martyrdom of 2 doctors

On the other hand, Al Jazeera reporter reported this morning about the bombing of Mahdi maternity hospital in al-Nasr neighborhood in western Gaza and announced that two doctors were martyred and a large number of displaced people were injured as a result of this invasion by the occupiers.

The Palestinian Minister of Health in Gaza, May Al-Kila, also warned about the unimaginable situation of the health and medical sector in Gaza, saying that 20 hospitals are completely out of order. The occupiers bombarded al-Shifa hospital with white phosphorus. Currently, 39 children and babies in the intensive care unit are at risk of death; Because oxygen no longer reaches them.

Surgical operations without anesthesia in the courtyard of hospitals with phone light

He added that Quds Hospital is also out of order and only its special care department is active in a limited way, which will be stopped in the next few hours. Out of 35 hospitals in Gaza, 20 are completely out of order. These crimes are committed against Gaza in front of the ears and eyes of the whole world.

The Minister of Health of Gaza added that the depth of the disaster in Gaza hospitals is to the point where surgeries are performed without anesthesia and inside the courtyard of the hospitals with the light of a phone, and this is something that has never happened in history.

The state media office in the Gaza Strip also announced that due to the continuous bombing of hospitals, the Ministry of Health cannot accurately determine the number of martyrs and wounded. Today is the day of war against Gaza hospitals, and the sick and wounded, medical teams and refugees are surrounded by the Nazi occupying army inside the hospitals, while they do not have access to water and food.

This office reported that the occupying regime has committed more than 1130 massacres in Gaza and the number of martyrs has reached more than 11 thousand and 100 people, of which more than 8 thousand people are women and children, and the number of wounded has reached more than 28 thousand people. Is.

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