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After the brutal crimes committed by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, in a meeting with students, emphasized the necessity of mobilizing the Islamic world, calling it necessary for the Islamic governments to immediately stop the crimes and bombings in Gaza. The governments wanted to block the export of oil and food to the Zionist regime and not to cooperate economically with that regime.

Hojjat al-Islam and al-Muslimin Mohseni Ajei, the head of the Judiciary, in a letter to the heads of judicial institutions of Islamic countries last week, called for the maximum use of legal capacities to deal with the crimes of this regime.

In the part of this letter that includes practical solutions to put pressure on Israel, a boycott of manufactured goods and companies attributed to this criminal regime is proposed.

However, some reports indicate that some companies and individuals, mainly with non-Iranian citizenships, are trying to advance goals in line with the interests of the Zionist regime in the region, including an Israeli commercial company with an Emirati appearance that previously Also, reports were published in the media about the performance, goals and people related to it, but according to some reports, despite all these warnings, the case of this company has reached the stage of executing a strange sentence.

According to this report, Israeli businessmen have been supplying fruit and agricultural products to Islamic countries for several years by establishing a seemingly Emirati-Jordanian company called Fresh Fruits, with the Arabic name “Al-Fawake Al-Tazja for General Trade”, and after normalizing cooperation in the fields Minerals and petroleum and electronic equipment have also added agricultural products to their list.

Israeli businessmen have also added new areas such as food to this product portfolio in these years by holding exhibitions and festivals, such as “Fruits for Peace”.

Of course, the United Arab Emirates regime has also been a pioneer in normalizing and expanding the investment of Israeli businessmen in the region, and due to the fact that the UAE has become the financial hub of the region, many Iranian businessmen have been knowingly and unknowingly contaminated by trade exchanges with Israeli companies.

In recent years, this company, as the most important and largest business partner of Israeli companies, has held detailed exhibitions to introduce and support the products and fruits produced in the occupation regime.

Israeli product promotion festival hosted by Farsh Fruit Company

For example, in one of the exhibitions of this apparently Emirati company, Shlomi Fogel, one of the famous Zionist businessmen and sponsor of Benjamin Netanyahu, appeared and under the guise of “fruits for peace”, sent Emirati companies and Zionist shareholders to sign contracts with the countries of the region. This market did.

Robbery of 1000 billion by Zionists from Iran with the cooperation of internal elements

Fresh Fruits Company, however, was not satisfied with just trade and with a Chinese conspiracy that reveals its Zionist nature, it started planning for a big robbery of Iranian companies, and in this way, some people inside also accompanied them. It requires the officials of the judicial branch and its protective departments.

After the death of one of the activists in the field of fruit in the country, this Emirati company, apparently by filing a lawsuit without a legal basis, has now blocked 20 million dollars of the properties and assets of Iranian companies and in the silence and ignorance of the authorities, Making preparations for its departure from the country.

According to the documents received by rahnam reporter, Hossein Beheshti (father of Hassan Rouhani’s son-in-law) by presenting an illegal settlement agreement on behalf of the CEO of the Emirati company (with shareholders with Zionist citizenship) has now bought all the proceeds of this lawsuit from the Emirati side and is now acting as a mediator. , has entered this game.

In this case, there are strange cases, including the change of the sentence from 12 million dollars to 20 million dollars in the Court of Appeal – after confirming the resumption of the proceedings in the court – and also the rejection of the similar lawsuit of the Emirati company in the courts of the United Arab Emirates. Cited. (Of course, the legal problems and ambiguities in this case, which can be clues of suspicious activities for the security institutions, will be examined in other reports.)

For example, according to the investigation of the relevant institutions, in this Emirati-Jordanian company, 2 Jordanian members of the board of directors, named “Abdul Majid Al-Hashlomon” and “Qassem Jamil Al-Argal” have Israeli citizenship, and under the cover of this company, the regime’s business relations They facilitate the Zionists with the countries of the region.

The CEO of the company is a person named “Abdulreza Mansouri” who left the country more than 10 years ago and sold all his property and has not returned to the country due to business cooperation with Israel.

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