The continuation of the closure of schools in Isfahan and some cities is due to air pollution/universities and higher education centers are absent – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Isfahan, Mansour Shihfarosh, announcing this news, stated: due to the continued stability and absolute stillness of the atmosphere, the cloudiness and reduced visibility, the accumulation of pollutant concentrations along with the reduction of air quality, the Isfahan Air Pollution Emergency Committee meeting will be held again. held.

He added: Based on the approval of this committee, educational classes in all grades of schools, kindergartens and preschools in the six districts of Isfahan city and Khomeinishahr, Flavarjan, Shahinshahr, Zarinshahr, Mobarakeh, Najafabad, Pirbakran, Foladshahr and Barkhar districts and education districts and Sajzi is closed on Monday, November 22.

Director General of Crisis Management of Isfahan Governorate stated: The educational activity of all universities and higher education centers in the mentioned areas will also be absent.

He clarified: The plan to limit the traffic of cars with even and odd number plates in Isfahan city will be implemented by the end of this week and from the door of the house, and in addition to preventing the traffic of smoky cars without technical inspection, the violators will be enforced by the traffic police.

Emphasizing that all the previous approvals of this working group will be implemented with precision and determination, the glazier said: Isfahan emergency coordination working group is continuously active and by summarizing environmental reports, weather and health forecasts, it is appropriate for the conditions for the coming days. will make decisions and supervise the strict implementation of the approvals.

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