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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, it was 12 years ago on November 21, 2019, and it was twenty minutes past one in the afternoon when Tehran and its suburbs shook with a terrible sound. The tremors of the explosion were felt in most of the cities of Tehran and Alborz provinces, such as Tehran, Shahryar, Shahreghods, Nasimshahr Karaj, Parandak, Eshtehard, Mallard, Mahdasht and parts of Saveh in Central Province. The center of the sound belonged to an explosion near Karaj and Mallard. It didn’t take long for this news to spread everywhere: Sardar Hassan Tehrani Moghadam, the head of the self-sufficiency organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, along with several other guardsmen, were martyred in the Shahid Modares barracks due to the explosion of the ammunition dump.

Hassan Tehrani Moghadam was born on November 6, 1338 in Sarcheshme neighborhood of Tehran. At the age of 21, at the beginning of the official formation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, he worked in the intelligence of the 3rd region of the Northern Guards. In the fall of 1360, he presented to Hassan Bagheri the plan of organizing support fire (mortar launchers) in a measured and written form. In November of 1362, the mission of launching and organizing the IRGC’s Ground-to-Ground Missile Command was assigned to Tehrani Moghadam, and thus, on March 21, 1363, Iran’s first missile was fired at Kirkuk. After issuing the historical decree of the Imam (RA) on the formation of three forces of the Revolutionary Guards, Shahid Moghadam was appointed as the missile command of the IRGC Air Force in 1364. Shahid Moghadam did most of the research work on the construction of “Shahab 3” missile. He was appointed as the successor of Sardar Ali Zahedi in the IRGC Air Force on the first of Mehr 1984. On December 25, 1985, he was elected as the advisor to the IRGC commander in missile affairs and the head of the IRGC self-sufficiency organization.

Hassan Tehrani Moghadam, Shahid Tehrani Moghadam, Father of Missiles, Developments of Iran's Missile Program.

Martyr Hassan Tehrani Moghadam, the father of Iran’s rockets, who knew him closely for 25 years and was aware of his huge projects for the power of Islamic Iran. When Tehrani Moghadam was martyred, the supreme leader of the revolution said that I lost one of my dearest people.

Hassan Tehrani Moghadam, Shahid Tehrani Moghadam, Father of Missiles, Developments of Iran's Missile Program.

Martyr Tehrani Moghadam, in silence and anonymity, established the most famous and loudest deterrent power for the Islamic Republic and resistance groups that face Israel many times. He did not only wish for the destruction of Israel, but he had worked hard to make it happen.

The music video “By God’s permission” is the narrative of the leader of the revolution about the development process of the missile industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was published by the Supreme Leader’s Office information base on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Hassan Tehrani Moghadam. This video can be seen below:


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