Exchange of heavy fire between the resistance and the US in eastern Syria; As 15 missiles hit the US base, the Pentagon retreated – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of rahnam news agency, the Islamic resistance of Iraq and the popular resistance of Syria continue to attack American military bases in Iraq and Syria side by side. The volume of these attacks has increased so much that the Pentagon says in its official statement: “The number of attacks has increased nearly 40 times in the last 20 days.”


Clearly, the morning of yesterday was one of the scenes of a serious confrontation between the United States and the resistance. Four missiles were fired by two F-15 fighter jets in Deir Ezzor province in eastern Syria. The US Ministry of Defense announced that this missile attack was carried out in response to the repeated bombing of the country’s military bases in “East of the Euphrates River” (in Syria). The Pentagon emphasized that it would not leave any attack unanswered and even claimed: “The number of attacks has increased nearly 40 times in the last 20 days.”

Hossein Al-Ajili, a Syrian journalist, says: “Yesterday morning, Deir Ezzor city was targeted by American missile attacks. To be more precise, the eastern side of Deir ez-Zor was bombed. “Based on the information obtained, the enemy launched 4 rockets that hit a bakery and several empty warehouses.”

This American attack had no effect on the combat power of the resistance. The response of the resistance was very immediate and decisive. The resistance forces responded decisively to the American aggression by bombing the accommodation centers of American soldiers in “Al-Omar” and “Conico” bases. Resistance missiles and drones directly hit the target. Following the fire inside the base and the explosion of the residence of the American soldiers, Washington decided to target unspecified points in the deserts of the city of Mayadin and Bokmal.

But that was not the whole story! Following the exchange of fire on the part of the American invaders, this time the resistance destroyed the al-Omar base by firing 16 missiles so that the American side avoided further response.

In this regard, Zakaria Shahud, a writer and political analyst, stated: “I believe that the attack on American bases, including Haql al-Omar, Al-Tanf and other areas, will take place within the framework of the comprehensive plan to expel Americans from the region.”

Now the American occupying forces are caught between the fire of two resistance fronts; The first front, which targets them inside Iraq, and the second front in Syria, which has robbed them of sleep. In an unprecedented action, the United States targeted the depths of Iraqi soil from the “Conico” base located in eastern Syria; Because the source of that missile attack was inside the territory of Iraq. However, the US action is a clear example of “territorial aggression” and Baghdad can follow this issue.

In the end, it must be said that Washington knows that the resistance will overcome him; Because the resistance does not have a fixed headquarters to be the target of attacks, while they are the natives and the owners of the land, and unlike the United States, they are not considered “foreign occupiers”. These days, the resistance sends its messages to the ears of the occupiers through missiles and drones. Washington wants to support the American soldiers stationed in Syria and Iraq with airstrikes. The axis of resistance also sends the message to the world that this land belongs to its people with missiles and drones from American military bases. The resistance will not allow anyone to touch their land.

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