Dedicated to rahnam Funeral ceremony of three daughters and grandmother; The Zionist regime does not spare children and elderly women either – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of rahnam news agency, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance (Hezbollah), in his speech yesterday – describing the crimes of the Zionist regime – referred to the “killing of three sisters and their grandmother”. rahnam reporter was present at the funeral ceremony of these martyrs and compiled a report that is presented today.


In the city of Belida, the border region of Lebanon with occupied Palestine, the bodies of three children (Rimas, Talin and Lian Shur) and their grandmother (Samirah Ayoub) were buried in the eternal grave. Representatives of Hezbollah, Amal Movement, members of parliament and some political and government groups were present at this ceremony. So that these ceremonies can be seen as a factor in strengthening the solidarity between the Lebanese people and their sympathy with the oppressed people of Gaza.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the Zionist regime in his speech last week: “Israel made civilians martyrs by committing aggressions.” Such actions make the equation of civilian against civilian to be formed.”

Military experts say that the Zionist regime’s crime in killing these three children and their grandmother is not a “military mistake”; Rather, it was done on purpose. After the regime’s previous action in targeting an ambulance, a car carrying journalists, etc., this is another leaf from the thick book of Israeli crimes in southern Lebanon.

Ali Fayyaz, one of Hezbollah’s representatives in the parliament, gave a speech at the funeral ceremony of these martyrs: “Protecting the lives of civilians is an essential pillar in our struggle against the Israeli enemy.” Resistance will not give Israel any chance. Rather, the usurping Zionist regime will pay a heavy price.”

Hassan Alder, a writer and political analyst in this field, says: “Netanyahu has faced defeat in Gaza since October 7 and could not achieve victory. For this reason, he wants to enter the resistance into the war at the right time for himself; So that the United States of America also enters this war. And in the meantime, he – Netanyahu – can save his political future.”

Until this moment, the resistance has not clearly expressed the form and type of its response to the enemy and has postponed the decision on this matter to a suitable time and place. with the resistance of Mujahideen and its missile equipment to show a crushing military response at the right time.

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