Comparing the spirit of the Lebanese nation and the Zionist settlers; The secret of the victory of resistance against Israel/exclusive report – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of rahnam News Agency, the community of settlers living in occupied Palestine are extremely afraid of paying for their cause and generally avoid being victimized in the cause. This point can be seen in the “complete evacuation of the Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine north” (near the Lebanese border), “reverse migration in the occupied territories with the beginning of the war” and especially “the impatience of the families of the fallen soldiers of the Zionist regime”.


On the other hand, we can take as an example the people of Lebanon, especially the Shiites of the south, who consider martyrdom as a sign of happiness and pride and are proud of it. The Shiites of the south, following the school of Seyyed al-Shahda, consider “martyrdom” as a desirable goal and they do not hesitate to give their lives and sacrifice for the freedom of Islamic lands; Rather, they consider it as their ideal. For this reason, in terms of “capacity and resilience to bear the sufferings of war”, there is a noticeable difference between the “capacity” and “extension” of Lebanese and Israelis. In this regard, rahnam’s field reporter in South Lebanon, in addition to attending the funeral ceremony of Hezbollah martyrs, compared their spirit with the settlers.

Fear and terror has engulfed the occupied lands and has become more apparent with the killings and massacres that are being committed. Right now, the Zionist settlements bordering Lebanon have already been evacuated. In addition, thousands of Zionist settlers have left this land. Official and government statistics speak of “reverse migration”. The reflection of this action on the public opinion of the Israelis – who live in fear and panic – is clearly visible. The burial ceremony of the dead of the Zionist regime has turned into a ceremony of crying and fear of future events.

On the other hand, here in the south of Lebanon, the funeral ceremony of the martyrs of the resistance turns into large and noisy marches. rahnam’s reporter talked to the citizens and those present at the ceremony on the sidelines of the ceremony. For example, three citizens say:

  • My participation in this funeral ceremony gives me strength, determination and motivation to send all my children to the front.
  • Why should we be afraid, it is the Zionist regime that should be afraid, they are afraid of every little thing.
  • Listen, Netanyahu, the resistance forces and the Hezbollah nation will soon reach the borders of occupied Palestine.

The messages sent by the Zionist regime through Arab and Western mediators so that Hezbollah does not enter the battlefield, express the fear and terror in the cabinet and the army of the Zionist regime. Especially since Hezbollah’s response is not influenced by any pressure.

Hassan Ezzeddin, Hezbollah’s representative in the Lebanese Parliament, says in this regard: “Hezbollah is not under pressure in any way. Hezbollah has a plan and a strategic vision that it relies on and acts on it within the framework of the plan it has drawn for itself.

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