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According to the political correspondent of rahnam news agency, yesterday (November 20, 1402) the production team of the program “To the Horizon of Palestine”, which was designed and prepared by the Ojo organization, announced that the Horizon network decided to start this program from Saturday, November 20 with the group Others (other than the original creators and ideators) continue.

“To the Horizon of Palestine” was broadcasted on the Egoq network from the early days of the Gaza war and was able to attract an acceptable audience with literature and a new perspective, but now it has faced a strange decision by the managers of the Egoq network.

But last night, former MP Hamid Rasai was one of the rare people who praised this action and wrote in a tweet: “The previous team was looking for the presence of Hassan Rouhani and Zarif on the air to talk about the Palestinian cause! that it would be more to the horizon of England and America; What did the former participants of the program really assume about the nation that they wanted to do such a thing?! Shouldn’t such a wrong look be changed?!”

Several points should be noted about this tweet by Mr. Rasaei and the stream that loses the ability to recognize at times like this:

1- In various cases, Mr. Rasaei tries to present himself as the center of comment and analysis about various issues, and without any documents and proofs, either about people or about issues, he gets his desired result! Regardless of whether the invitation of Mr. Zarif or Mr. Rouhani to the national media is acceptable or not, they should be asked on what evidence they say that they sought to invite the former president and foreign minister? On the other hand, with all the criticisms and problems of the former government, which are still plagued by the aftershocks of the wrong management decisions of that time, did inviting them necessarily bring a program with specific agents and track records to the horizon of England and America? Are these accusations true and even useful, apart from being a kind of satisfaction of radicalism for Mr. Rasaei?

2- It is obvious that the Palestinian issue is a trans-sectarian and trans-party issue, and in the macro view, it is a human issue; In a situation where some radical spectrums outside the regime are trying to remove Palestine from the priority of Iranians or beat the drum of outdated theories such as two states or normalization of relations, a program was aired every night and by inviting different political spectrums and The culture inside the system displayed the national unity of Iranians in the cause of Quds and showed that the solution agreed upon by all the characters is to hand over Palestine to the Palestinians.

Now, despite any criticism that can be made to the statements of the program’s guests, is it wrong to pursue such a goal? In a situation where Sed and Sima is lagging behind in the competition with home viewing platforms and some other competitors, the production of this program caused the national media to see a little higher and talk about this program in the virtual space, and at least for the people, it is relevant. But it seems that the approach to the horizon of Palestine is different from the practice of the likes of Mr. Rasaei and the spectrum of which he is considered to be the leading face, and their bread is not in removing walls and filling gaps, but in intensifying differences and bipolarity.

3- The approach to the Palestinian horizon was an approach that Iranian society desperately needs today, and that is to eliminate unnecessary and sometimes fake divisions and dichotomies and to try to create empathy in macro-national and transnational issues; This approach will remove the accusation of one voice towards the national media and the government and allow all voices within the system to be heard. Although each of us can have very serious criticisms to some of them. For example, in the same rahnam news agency, there have been very heavy and serious criticisms towards people like Azari Jahormi, but this does not mean that if the media can maintain its strict principles, but also invite these figures, to England’s horizon has become!

Consequently, in the first way, the national media should carry out such a procedure and represent all the political and cultural views and tastes that believe in the revolution and the system, and the essence of the Islamic revolution is in creating attraction for people who still adhere to values ​​such as the Palestinian cause, but Unfortunately, some radical currents in both political spectrums are trying to stoke the bipolar fire and discord in an irrational way and outside of the revolutionary logic! As in some previous stories, traces of the likes of Mr. Rasai can be seen.

4- In the recent years of the history of the Islamic Revolution, one of the best characters in whom the crystallization of revolutionary rationality was closely observed and who tried to create attraction with this logic is the martyr Haj Qasim Soleimani; We also saw this attraction during his martyrdom; When more than 25 million people attended his funeral and all of them praised General Soleimani.

However, the same procedure of maximum attraction was not pleasant for the likes of Hamid Rasai, and the sharp blade of his repulsive gaze has also caught the lap of Sardar Soleimani. In July 1997, Hassan Rouhani threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz by threatening the US leaders to “don’t play with the lion’s tail, it is regrettable” at the conference of the heads of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missions abroad and said: “When Iran’s oil is not exported “No one can export oil.” These positions of the president at the time caused Haj Qasim, who ironically had very serious differences with Mr. Rouhani, to write a letter of thanks to Rouhani for the sake of correct political understanding, but Hamid Rasaei in a tweet considered Haj Qasim to be short-sighted and his act of kissing Abu Musa’s hand Ash’ari compared it! In this insulting tweet, Rasaei wrote: “If we look at history, the likes of Ash’ath Kandi and Abu Musa Ash’ari gave blood to Imam Ali (a.s.) for a lifetime, once or twice they were right in words and not in action, but Malik Ashtar He did not go out of his way to kiss them.”

The lack of deep understanding of politics and the predominance of feelings and emotions over rationality prevent the likes of Rasai from taking precise steps in politics, and sometimes personal and party interests and prioritizing short-term political interests and interests cast a shadow over public interests and national interests.

In short, if people want to know who is a real revolutionary, they should look at martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani and others like him and judge the revolution and the system by referring to their ideals and words, not by looking at people like Mr. Rasaei. And also, the authorities should also look at the ideals and actions of Haj Qasim and Haj Qasim and try to be like him. Not like people like Mr. Rasai. Haj Ghasemi, who did the most difficult work for the Islamic Republic and showed the highest courage, and was finally martyred by Ashqi-ul-Ashqiya; But it was very attractive and dear to the leader and his people. To be like Haj Qasim, there is no need to give up on ideals; By the way, you have to stick to the ideal with both hands, but you also have to have a strong rationality and conscience and really love people.

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