Zionists are afraid of the presence of Hezbollah’s “Rizvan” unit on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, among the widespread criticism of the Zionist circles and experts on the political and military leaders of this regime for prolonging the Gaza war and talking about its continuation, the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz referring to the statements of the army officials and the occupation regime’s cabinet that The fact that the war in Gaza lasts for several months and, on the other hand, the Americans are worried about not achieving their goals and the lack of time, announced that the losses of the Israeli army in this war are increasing day by day.

This Hebrew media reported that, while the Israeli army forces are unable to achieve a decisive field achievement in the Gaza war, the army is talking about prolonging this war for several months. This is while America has sent signals that we don’t have a few more weeks.

Haaretz further expressed concern about the presence of the members of the special unit “Rizwan” of Hezbollah on the border of Lebanon and occupied Palestine and announced that Hamas is far from defeat and the presence of these forces of Hezbollah on the borders will cause the Israeli settlers in the northern areas to not be able to go to Israel for a long time. return to their homes

Referring to the heavy casualties of this regime’s army in the ground war with the resistance fighters, this Zionist newspaper announced that when Hamas forces attack Israeli forces from behind, great losses will be inflicted on the ranks of the Israeli army.

In the continuation of this report, the idea that the leadership of the Palestinian resistance surrenders or retreats under the influence of pressure is a completely wrong idea.

The Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz, criticizing the performance of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the occupying regime, stated that he is not even able to express any sympathy for the Israeli settlers and continues to talk in clichés and nonsense.

A senior Zionist officer also said in an interview with Haaretz, “I have been wearing a military uniform for more than 35 years and I have learned throughout my life that my job is to create a wall that separates the settlers from danger.” But we have to admit that we lost on October 7 and this defeat is not something that can be easily compensated.

The Rezwan Special Unit affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah has become a component that has disturbed the sleep of the security and military officials and the public opinion of the Zionists with the increasing possibility of this party’s more serious entry into the war with the Zionist regime. In this regard, the Zionist newspaper Yediot Aharonot, quoting its military analyst Yossi Yehoshua, who has close connections with the security sources of the Zionist regime, states that as long as this unit is present on the borders of Lebanon, there is no hope that the residents of the north of the occupied territories whose homes They have evacuated themselves to return to their homes and lives.

Nir Dovari, a reporter for TV channel 12 of the occupying regime, who covers the news of conflicts on the border of occupied Palestine with Lebanon, announced that Hezbollah forces are located a few meters away from us. This issue is very worrying for the Israelis and has caused panic among the residents of the settlements near the Lebanese border.

The Zionist media expressed concern about the escalation of Hezbollah’s missile attacks on the northern regions of occupied Palestine and announced that Hezbollah has the power to reach deep into Israel (occupied Palestine) if it wants to. The fact is that today the initiative on the northern front is in the hands of Hezbollah and the Israeli army is frustrated and has been on the defensive for a long time.

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