The tire import tariff has been reduced by one third/ distribution of tires at the approved rate in the sales systems of the Ministry of Safety – rahnam

Hossein Farhidzadeh, Deputy Minister of Safety and Head of Consumers and Producers Protection Organization, in a conversation with the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, stated: In the discussion of the tire market, it should be noted that the issue of supply and distribution are separate from each other. There is a long-standing conflict between the production of this product and its consumption.

He added: 21 million rubber rings are produced annually in the country and 3.7 million rubber rings are imported, but the country’s need in this field is 26 to 27 million rings, which makes us face its shortage in the market at times.

The head of the consumer and producer support organization continued: There is a plan in the ministry of security that helps producers in the field of production inputs so that they can increase their production, and they have been helped in foreign exchange fields as well.

He clarified: In the field of imports, the tariff for rubber imports has been reduced from 32% to 10% and has been announced by the Council of Ministers. We hope that this discrepancy will be resolved with imports and increased domestic production.

Farhidzadeh said: In the tire distribution network, it reaches the consumer directly through the sales systems of the Ministry of Industry and the manufacturing companies themselves.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade stated that rubber is not a capital product and has an expiration date, and said: People can buy this product at an approved price through introduced systems at any time.

Stating that monitoring and inspection plans have been announced and implemented in the province’s security organizations and guilds, he said: We are focusing on warehouses, producers and distribution systems so that if there is an output from the instructions, punitive and disciplinary action will be taken.

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