The entry of the Supreme Anti-Money Laundering Council into hoarding information on empty houses by municipalities – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, the secretary of the Supreme Anti-Money Laundering Council recently said to the municipalities regarding the hoarding of information related to tax evasion: If the municipalities do not take the duties of the anti-money laundering law seriously, legal action will be taken from the relevant authorities. Even now, the action of these institutions is against the explicit duties of the law and anti-money laundering regulations.

According to rahnam, recently, the head of the Tax Affairs Organization informed about the refusal of some municipalities to provide the information of luxury houses to the Tax Affairs Organization and said: sometimes there are bottlenecks in the routes and administrative processes of tax collection, for example, the municipality of Lavasan refused to provide the information of luxury houses to the organization The tax authorities refuse. The tax system can’t do its job well without the information aristocracy, and the demands of the media can pave the way.

In the meantime, according to the Executive Regulations of Clause A, Note 6 of the Budget Law of 1402 (approved by the Council of Ministers on 4/4/1402), the demand for taxes from non-eminent lands with residential, office and commercial use, luxurious houses (including Real estates, apartments and villas) and garden villas are determined to be worth more than 20 billion Tomans, also according to the law, the annual tax of luxury houses and garden villas is 2 per thousand compared to the excess value of more than 20 billion Tomans.

It should be noted that according to Note 2 of Article 4 of the government board’s resolution, the municipalities were required to notify the tax affairs organization of the permitted or unauthorized status of garden villas within 15 days from the date of inquiry. Also, according to Article 5 of this decree, unauthorized garden villas are subject to twice the tax of authorized garden villas.

According to Article 5 of the Law on Combating Money Laundering, municipalities are obliged to implement the law and executive regulations of the Law on Combating Money Laundering and the Law on Combating the Financing of Terrorism, and in Articles 6 and 7 of the Law on Combating Money Laundering, municipalities are explicitly required to authenticate and accurately identify themselves. Clients and owners are real and should provide the information and documents related to them in addition to the suspicious operations of registration, banking, investment, exchange, brokerage and the like to the financial information center.

Also, in the executive regulations of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, they are required to set up an Anti-Money Laundering Unit with specific tasks, which cannot be fulfilled at an acceptable speed.

The Secretary of the Supreme Council for Preventing and Countering Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran, centered on the Ministry of Economy and Finance, has been continuously updating and maturing the system and infrastructure of the implementation of laws and regulations for the past few years, especially in the people’s government. It has money laundering and financing of terrorism on its agenda, and in this regard, with the aim of networking the anti-money laundering front as the most important way to fight corruption, extensive measures have been taken at the level of banking and insurance networks, stock exchanges, customs, and the tax organization. Industry and… It has been done and certainly the cooperation of municipalities can be effective in completing the anti-corruption network infrastructure.

This official has also done, Activating the capacities of the law against the subject persons who refuse to perform their legal duties for any reason is on the agenda. And the tax affairs organization should take account of all the legal and regulatory capacities to fight money laundering in order to identify tax evasion as a crime of origin of money laundering, and we will soon define and implement a set of activities to organize this important issue in a joint action.

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