Retired teachers 14 months waiting for bonus; Providing credit for depositing 30% of the end of service bonus – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, besides the livelihood and trade union issues of informal teachers who in recent days in the form of a report titled “Several thousands of education teachers have not received a single Rial salary since October!” We addressed it, retired and officially employed teachers are also facing various problems and issues.

The payment of severance pay for retired teachers in 1401 and the application of ranking benefits to their salaries have not yet been realized.

Today, a large number of teachers who retired in 1401 contacted rahnam news agency and protested the delay in the payment of their end of service bonus, 14 months after their retirement.

According to them, while the Minister of Education announced yesterday, 30% of the pensioners’ bonus will be paid, but this has not happened until today, and they are still waiting for the payment of their end of service bonus 14 months after retirement!

One of the retired educators from Khash city of Sistan and Baluchistan province told rahnam reporter about this: 14 months after retirement, I am still waiting for the payment of my end of service bonus. I am in debt to someone and I just want to know if the 30% bonus promised by the Minister of Education will be paid by the end of November so that I can pay at least part of my debt.

There is no news about the bonus and ranking of retirees

Another retired cultural worker from Mazandaran province told rahnam: “We are still waiting for the end of service bonus, and after 14 months, they say that we will pay 30% of it”, and this has not yet been achieved.

While I got the 4th rank in the ranking, the pension organization still does not pay the salaries of the pensioners based on the ranking orders; After retirement, I will receive a salary of 11,700,000 tomans, which is really difficult to live in these conditions.

In addition to the retired educators, some working teachers from Sistan and Baluchistan province also contacted rahnam news agency and reported that the ranking orders were not issued after the protest was registered.

The new rank of working teachers has not been applied!

One of the teachers told rahnam about this: “While the Minister of Education says that all the protests of the teachers have been investigated and new orders have been issued, the new orders for me and my wife have not yet been issued.

I had obtained rank one, which was changed to rank three after the protest, my wife had also obtained rank three with 17 years of experience, which became rank 4 after the protest, but there is still no news of applying ranks and issuing new orders!”

Ali Farhadi; Regarding the deposit of 30% of the end-of-service bonus of retired teachers, the deputy of planning and resource development of the Ministry of Education told rahnam: the allocation of credit has been done by the program and budget organization and it is in the stage of providing liquidity in the treasury, as soon as it is provided by the treasury, it will be ready to pay We have a percentage of severance pay.

He added: Usually, credit is secured when the work goes to the treasury, and its deposit may be postponed until after the November salary.

Farhadi said about the full payment of the end of service bonus: We are following up and the program and budget organization should provide the credit.

rahnam’s reporter’s follow-up from the Ministry of Education about the reason for not applying the ranking to retired teachers’ salaries revealed that Education has paid all the debt to the pension fund, but the pension organization has not yet taken action to amend the rulings, and supervisory institutions such as the Court of Accounts have also entered into the matter.

This August, the National Pension Fund announced that the implementation of the rating for 63 thousand retired teachers in 1400, 51 thousand retired in 1401, and 80 thousand retired in 1402 requires about 5 thousand billion tomans of credit, and the Program and Budget Organization has committed to two months. The future should collect the entire amount and the ranking of retired teachers should be implemented before September.

Also, Mohammad Vahidi; A member of the Education and Research Commission of the Islamic Council said: Education owed about 4300 billion Tomans to the National Pension Fund for the pensioners of 1400 and 1401, and this debt has been paid.

However, the application of ranking in the salaries of retired educators has not yet been implemented.

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