Raisi left for Saudi Arabia/ The philosophy of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is the Palestinian issue – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam news agency, President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi left for Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in order to participate in the emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to pursue a deterrent solution against the crimes of the Zionists, to lift the blockade and start providing aid to the people of Gaza.

The visit of the president of Iran to Saudi Arabia will take place after 10 years.

On Thursday, on the sidelines of the 16th summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization “ECO” in Uzbekistan, the President, in addition to emphasizing the need to exert pressure on Islamic countries to stop the crimes of the Zionists, emphasized the importance of implementing the solution proposed by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to cut off political and economic relations with Islamic countries. He had emphasized with the Zionist regime as a deterrent solution.

Before his departure, Raisi said in a speech at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran: This trip is done at the invitation of the head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which is chaired by the honorable king of Saudi Arabia. The subject of the meeting is also Palestine, and of course our request for holding this meeting dates back to about a month ago; However, due to various reasons, it was held late and today it will be held in Riyadh with the participation of heads of Islamic countries.

He added: The Islamic Ummah and the Muslim people all over the world and the people of understanding all over the world who have come to the streets in millions, their cry is about the oppression of the Zionist regime and the support of the Americans for this genocide and crime against humanity.

The president clarified: If these crimes that are happening in Gaza are not crimes against humanity, then what is the crime against humanity?

Raisi added: Americans declare in their statements that they want the scope of the war not to expand and they also send a message to us and some countries, but this is not compatible with their actions. The Americans provided the fuel for this war machine that commits crimes in Gaza today; The war machine itself is at their disposal and the actions are carried out by the Americans.

He said: It was the Americans who stopped the Egyptian meeting and also the Security Council from reaching its conclusion. They prevent the ceasefire and expand the scope of the war.

The President stated: The world should know the real face of America; As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, we must know the enemy, and the enemy acts with the world with the appearance of iron and hands with the appearance of velvet, but in reality they are made of cast iron.

Raisi said: This meeting is expected by all people, especially the Islamic Ummah, so that the heads of Islamic countries will gather to raise the most important issue of the Islamic world and reach a decisive decision that will be fully implemented and operational. This field is not only a field of words, but it should be a field of action. The general expectation of the Islamic Ummah from the authorities of the Islamic countries is to act and act in this regard, i.e. to quickly stop the bombings, to open the way to help the oppressed and powerful people of Gaza, to lift the siege and also to uphold the rights of the Palestinians.

He pointed out: The philosophy of forming the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was formed for the issue of Palestine and the work should be followed seriously by the heads of the countries.


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