Maulvi Hosseinzahi: Condemning Israel’s crimes is not enough/we must stand against this brutal regime with all our strength + film – rahnam

In an interview with rahnam reporter in Khash, Maulvi Abdul Sattar Hosseinzahi, referring to the unprecedented attacks and crimes of the usurping Zionist regime in Gaza, stated: What happened in Gaza and made the desolate people of Gaza and the oppressed people of Palestine suffer is not a minor incident; The West is trying to make it look like a war between Israel and an Islamic movement, but we do not accept this, because in reality it can be said that it is a war between infidelity and Islam.

The interim Sunni Imam of Khash city clarified: Today, it is not enough to just condemn Israel’s crimes, but we must stand against this brutal regime with all our strength, and the Islamic Ummah has responsibilities in this regard. The Islamic Ummah has a duty to provide cash and non-cash aid to the affected people of Gaza.

He said: “Today, if the brutal Israeli regime and its child-killing army martyrs the people of Gaza and destroys their homes, this is one injury that leads to several other injuries.” Where should the people whose houses were destroyed settle? Today, the Islamic Ummah has the duty to try to settle the refugees; The Islamic Ummah is obliged to provide all its resources and help to the people of Gaza for the treatment of the wounded. Today, there are children who have lost their parents, and the duty of supporting these orphans is on the Islamic Ummah.

This Sunni scholar emphasized: Some people raise this question, aren’t there poor and needy people among our own people that we are collecting aid for the people of Gaza? I also agree with people’s opinion that we allocate our aid for our own people; But sometimes events like the events in Gaza, the earthquake in Herat, Afghanistan, or similar disasters that affect the Islamic world or the world of humanity happen, at which time we are all obliged to enter the field to meet the needs of the people in that region, and now the damage that The people of Gaza are suffering beyond all the harm that is in other parts of the Islamic world.

Imam Juma Ahl-e-Sunna of Hanfai Khash Mosque added: There are many needs in our region and country, but the needs of the people of Gaza and Palestine are beyond that. All scholars and people should join hands and work together to send all kinds of monetary and non-monetary aid to Gaza, and this is the duty of the Islamic Ummah in this situation. The people of Gaza have suffered damage that we have not seen, and the need they have today, especially the children and the injured, cannot be found in our society or anywhere else.

Reemphasizing that the people should support the people of Gaza with all their strength, he continued: We should contribute to this confrontation between Islam and disbelief and stand by the Palestinian people and the injured Muslims of Gaza, either with our lives, with money, or with prayers. Or all of this to stand.

Maulvi Abdul Sattar Hosseinzahi stated: We want the people to give their aid to the Jihadi groups that have spontaneously formed groups in our country and are approved by official institutions, so that it reaches the people of Gaza as soon as possible, and I am also in this field. I am ready to collect help from the people and deliver it to the people of Gaza.

He pointed to verse 249 of Surah Al-Baqarah, in which it is stated, “Kam min fiyat qalailah ghalabt fiyat katheira by the permission of Allah”, he said: The Qur’an emphasized that a small group but strong in faith, strong, coherent and united against the strong forces of disbelief, God willing. It is victorious and proud, and God willing, the Palestinian people will also win against this infidelity and brutal army, and one day the flag of Islam will be raised in Israel.


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