Khatib: There will be serious changes in the region in the near future / The US foreign minister is wandering around the region like a tourist – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency, Hojatul-Islam Saidasmail Khatib, Minister of Information, emphasized the role of information protection systems in the conference of the chiefs of information protection of the General Command of the Police Force and stated: The main asset of any system and device is human power, and the success of information protection systems is by creating transformation. And excelling and taking steps in the path of religious teachings which is emphasized by our dear leader is doubled, so we must be guides like the prophets, and the Qur’an associates guidance with warnings, tidings, preaching and wisdom, and these tools should be considered in information protection collections.

He added: Information protection systems are one of the main pillars of the country’s security. In internal security, the system is definitely dependent on protections and owes its authority to the intelligent, technological, scientific and prudent performance of protections. Protections can preserve our human power, especially in the police force, which is the frontline force of the country’s security.

Referring to the courageous action of Hamas fighters against the Zionist regime, the Minister of Intelligence said: the jihadist, brave, daring and surprising operation of Al-Aqsa storm, with all the desired points of an operational plan, was implemented and the enemy who claimed to be the greatest intelligence and military power in the region with clever deception It failed, and with this failure, the Zionist regime will never return to the power and strength it claimed, and this operation created a fundamental change in the strategy of the region, so after this operation, the equations of the region, the strategies of the enemy, and even the axis of resistance will undergo fundamental changes. And this is one of the basic axes for the interpretation, analysis and estimation of the future

Khatib considered the action of Hamas jihadists another defeat for America in the region and added: The important point of this operation was the defeat of American power in the region and the world. The hegemony of American power, which claimed military, intelligence, economic and political support for the Zionist regime and replaced it with its disgraceful withdrawal from the region, has disintegrated.

Referring to the plan to normalize the relations of the Zionist regime with the countries of the region, he said: With the Abraham plan, they made a lot of efforts to expand and normalize relations with the countries of the region and gave many concessions to some countries of the region. This normalization was to make the Zionist regime the first power in the region. Therefore, worse than the Zionist regime, the Americans failed in this way, and this big failure will definitely change the methods of the Americans in the region.

The Minister of Information continued: One of the predictions is that the US will not withdraw the forces it has sent into the region under the pretext of the Al-Aqsa storm operation. The second stage of this operation was the harsh and vengeful treatment of the Zionist regime, which created a human disaster and mass killing, which, despite the strategy of the Zionist regime, which thought that a crushing response would be a deterrent, the opposite result will be revealed soon.

Emphasizing the support of the public opinion of the world for the Palestinian people, Khatib said: for the first time in these 70, 80 years, the public opinion of the world has united against the Zionist regime all over the world, and even the countries that have always supported the Zionist regime and even Biden, who was forced to The region came and stepped on the blood of oppressed people and supported this criminal genocidal regime, they had to try to warn and warn the regime, and the meaning is that the public opinion of the world has shown a serious reaction to the actions of the Zionist regime. Is. Therefore, in addition to the failure of the Zionist regime, this is another case that causes the failure of the Americans in the region, and this issue will cause a change in the estimates of the near future, and they will never again be able to justify the public opinion of the world by claiming the oppression of the Jews, the Zionist regime, and the Holocaust. and increase the strength of this regime.

Referring to the actions of the Zionist regime in ground operations, he said: ground operations are a disaster for this regime, both in terms of humanity, in terms of the damages it has for the Zionist regime, and in terms of its repercussions, and according to the announcement of 17 Western and Jewish think tanks, the Zionist regime The victory of ground operations will not be achieved.

The Minister of Intelligence pointed out that the US Foreign Minister is wandering around the region like a tourist and is looking for a solution so that with the help of some countries in the next step, a bit of honor will be left for the Zionist regime, i.e. a dignified ceasefire, so the regime that claimed that after the operation against Hamas will soon He is the winner of the region, now he is looking for a ceasefire in exchange for the release of prisoners, and he is pursuing the issue of taking Gaza from Hamas.

Referring to the combined war of the enemies against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Khatib said: an important axis that will be effective in the future is the victory of the country’s popular, security, intelligence, military and law enforcement power in the combined and global war that is designed against Iran, and today the Islamic Republic of Iran It is considered as a great power in the region. Now, Iran is emerging as a decisive power not only in the region but also in different parts of the world, and today they feel Iran’s authority with all their might, therefore, in the near future, serious changes will occur in the region, and we will witness a powerful deal with gangs and anti-security organizations. And in the general sense of terrorist acts, and our cross-border casualties will decrease, and therefore we will see an increase in cross-border-security authority.

In explaining the achievements of Ayatollah Raisi’s government, he said: The power of the government is very important in economic and foreign policy and social issues. Thanks to God’s grace and the revolutionary and jihadist actions of Ayatollah Raisi’s government, today we are witnessing economic growth, production growth and inflation reduction. In the field of investment in the basic commodity despite the problems of drought, we are witnessing an increase in the guaranteed purchase of wheat from farmers, also in the field of oil sales and in the discussion of foreign policy and treaties, strength of resistance, communication, activities and travels, today we are witnessing the visit of the first vice president to China, the visit of the president to Tashkent and interactions and communications in the region and in the world. The strategic agreement with China and the agreement with Russia are all evidences of the aliveness and activeness of Iran’s foreign policy. In the near future, Iran’s foreign economic investment will increase, and the agreements in which Iran is present and with the countries that have reached an understanding or agreement will become more operational.

Referring to the importance of the upcoming elections, the Minister of Information stated: The biggest component of our victory in social issues is the elections, the elections must be accompanied by the effective role and participation of the people, with all the harm and social problems, good and great success will follow. We hope to witness this success with the grace of God and the constant, active and effective presence of the people in the elections.

Referring to the research measures regarding the recognition of social harms in the country, Khatib said: Research, scientific centers and working groups and think tanks should follow operational plans to solve social problems. Therefore, effective groups, collections and positions that play a role in social and cultural issues, both positively and negatively, should make serious investments.

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