Isfahan’s air is unhealthy for the general public/ 2 stations are in purple status – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency EsfahanAccording to the announcement of the air quality monitoring and control center of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection of Isfahan province, the average air quality in Qahjavaristan stations with an index of 214 and Kordabad with an index of 266 are in the purple state.

Also, the stations of Maidan 25 Aban with an index of 160, Ahmedabad 198, Englebal 186, Zamzam Park 153, Parveen 186, Kharazi 172, University of Technology 165, Rahnan 155, Zainabiyah 172, Sepahan Shahr 153 and Mirzataher with an index 168 are in red status.

Also, Faiz stations with index 149, Kaveh with 137 and Veldan with 144 were in orange status.

According to this report, the average air quality index in the city of Isfahan was 171, and thus Isfahan has unhealthy air for the general public, and in this regard, compliance with all health and safety measures is mandatory for health. Also, according to the announcement of this center, the average air quality in Shahinshahr and Mobarakeh cities has been recorded at 99 and 70.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the Air Pollution Emergency Committee of Isfahan Province was held last evening, but the result of this meeting was that schools in Isfahan Province were not closed.

The General Director of Crisis Management of Isfahan Governorate stated in this regard: Due to the continuation of air pollution conditions and atmospheric stagnation, the meeting of the Air Pollution Emergency Committee of Isfahan province is being held continuously until Wednesday.

Mansour Shihferosh continued: Considering the investigation of the current weather conditions and the fact that there were no schools on the last three days of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), no decision was made to close schools in the meeting of the emergency working group on air pollution.

He stated: In this meeting, it was approved that today, November 20th, no sports activities will be held in the open spaces of schools, and the morning program of schools will not be held either.

Director General of Crisis Management of Isfahan Governorate continued: School camps will not be held either, students are also required to use masks and observe health issues.

He pointed out that police reinforcement will be applied at intersections and dealing with cars that emit smoke and do not have technical inspection.

The glass seller said: In this working group, it was emphasized that the province’s general environment department should continue to monitor polluting units and also monitor the distribution of clean fuel at stations.

He stated: The even and odd plan will be implemented in Isfahan traffic ring from 8 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm until the end of next week.

According to rahnam, Air Quality Index (AQI) or Air Pollution Index (PSI) is a measure that measures the concentration of various pollutant compounds in the air such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen compounds, ozone and suspended particles (particles smaller than 10 micrometers and particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers) that have different permissible limits with different units, turns it into a unitless number and displays the state of air pollution at different levels.

Based on the air pollution index, this index shows from 0 to 50 clean air, 51 to 100 healthy air, 101 to 150 unhealthy air for sensitive groups, 151 to 200 unhealthy for the public, 201 to 300 very unhealthy, 301 to 500 dangerous.

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