From the profession of sanctions to the profession of war: Reza Pahlavi and the anti-Iranian front; Smooth road to attack Iran! – rahnam

According to the political reporter of rahnam News Agency, with the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the deadly attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza, the anti-Iranian front, which was involved in riots last year, while supporting Israel’s inhumane actions, demanded to confront Iran in strange reactions in the very first days.

In interviews with various media, the figures of this stream emphasized that to destroy Hamas, you must fight with Iran! Reza Pahlavi, who visited the occupied territories at the beginning of this year and met with Benjamin Netanyahu, has said in his latest reaction that peace will not be established in the region until the Islamic Republic leaves!!

Although it is not expected that this stream will look for fire or compassion for the children and women of the war in Gaza, or participate in demonstrations against Israel all over the world, but such statements are another veil of the reality that we have seen several examples of in the past years.

Reza Pahlavi’s and his colleagues’ repeated request to confront Iran shows that in the midst of the situation in the region, they paved the way for an attack on Iran.

The support of Hamed Ismailiyoun and Musi Alinjad for the Zionist regime’s attack on Gaza and the demand to confront Iran, Reza Pahlavi’s trip to Israel and the transfer of the anti-Iranian network “Iran International” to the occupied territories and the transfer of this network from Saudi Arabia to Israel show that the counter-revolution has found a new employer. whose goal is not only to confront the Islamic Republic, but also to destroy and disintegrate Iran.

After Reza Pahlavi’s trip to the occupied territories, 32 members of the Knesset (Parliament of the Zionist regime) wrote a letter addressed to Eli Cohen, the foreign minister of this regime, demanding comprehensive support from Tel Aviv for the breakup of Iran and the formation of an imaginary country under the title of “South Azerbaijan”!

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