Drone attack on occupied Eilat/ “Swat Al Jazeera Al Arabiya” took responsibility for the attack – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, Al-Mayadeen network, quoting its sources, reported the massive explosions in the occupied city of Eilat in the south of occupied Palestine.

According to these sources, two drones targeted Eilat in the south of occupied Palestine.

Meanwhile, a resistance group called “Swat Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya” has claimed responsibility for this attack.

News sources announced that this time, occupied Eilat was targeted from the Iraqi side.

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced in a statement that our fighters targeted a position in occupied Eilat with appropriate weapons. This operation was carried out in line with our support for the people of Gaza and in response to the crimes committed by the usurping regime against civilians.

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