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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, the establishment of a system for the public’s subsequent monitoring of books published by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is a new plan that the Minister of Culture and guidance officials have referred to as “participation of our dear people in cultural governance, but Publishers and publishers do not have a very positive view of this plan.

Last Wednesday, November 17, the book development and reading office of the Ministry of Guidance, which is responsible for issuing book licenses and monitoring book publishing, announced in an announcement, “Public monitoring system for published works” with goals such as upgrading and developing the level of post-monitoring of The published works and the role-playing of the audience in refining and improving the content space of the country are available to the general public of the country.

The publication of this news in the early hours resulted in various comments in the cyber space, which were mainly against the plan. Criticisms are mostly based on axes such as Ershad’s lack of confidence in the licenses he issued; People were not experts compared to the author, publisher or reviewer to comment on the content of the book, and there was a group of people who were of the opinion that today the publishing industry of our country is involved in police issues such as the economy of publishing, paper, bookmaking, and poor publishing content, and paying attention to the issue of posterior monitoring. In the current situation, it will not cure any of the pains of the publishing industry.

Of course, on the other hand, the supporters also believe that there are books in the publishing market that are not suitable for family reading, especially for the young and teenagers, and the content of the books can be more visible to the people, and this system will undoubtedly help. to the content available to the audience.

Although the officials of the Ministry of Guidance have not commented on this plan and their approvals and objections in the official space, they have addressed it in the virtual space. He has declared himself about this system according to the criticisms raised as follows:

“According to Resolution 660 of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, books published in Iran receive a license from the secretariat of this board. The license to publish a book is a guarantee of the health of the work for the audience and confirmation of compliance with the publication rules for the publisher.

Everything cannot be presented as a report, but these cases are limited to Resolution 660, there may be some problems in the process that will be corrected by the notice of the sympathizers.

The permission issued by Irshad to publish the work is valid and Irshad defends it. Sometimes criticisms are raised about some works. Organizing these comments and preventing pressure on the author, publisher and Irshad is one of the reasons for setting up the system.

Sometimes some works in the market are different from the licensed text. This system helps the health of the market and preserves the validity of the license.

Every report in this system must be submitted by providing the national code and mobile phone number of the reporting person, so there is no place for anonymous statements for destruction and competition.

Ministry of Ershad ,

After Yasir Ahmadvand’s words, although some of the ambiguities were answered, the burden of the issue was still not reduced and the criticisms of the said plan continue. Many believe that the audit in recent years has been very tasteful and the auditors without sufficient knowledge and expertise have been dedicated to only some words in the book, and now Ershad will increase the pressure on the publisher by setting up a system of retrospective monitoring.

This is despite the fact that before Ahmadvand’s entry into the story, Mohammad Ali Moradian, the head of the book department, responded to the critics in a comment on Telegram and considered the public monitoring system as one of the most blessed events of Irshad after the revolution and divided the opponents into several categories. .

According to Moradian First Division There are those who have not understood the issue correctly, that is, they think that every time there is a report about a book, Irshad comes in and collects the books, etc. It is natural that Irshad checks people’s reports and if they are correct and in accordance with the law and not personal taste and currents. He will take care of it. But the point is that Ershad has been doing this process for years. It is possible that there is a problem in the audit, a mistake has been made, so it is the duty of Irshad to enter.

The second category According to Moradian, delinquent publishers are those who have committed many violations in the field of content and their violations have been identified during the exhibition season and during the supervision of the exhibition supervision council, and they are always clients of the violation boards. are. For example, Ershad corrected a book, the publisher corrected the file, gave one or two copies to Ershad as a notification of receipt, and then released the uncorrected file in the market. Ershad is on the side with this issue daily. Retrospective monitoring helps define this range. People come to help health.

He explained The third category Brings: Creators who have the largest volume of audits. One of them is an editorial writer, and the other is an editor and production manager of a publication. It is normal to worry. They support content anarchism and run away from the law. For years, their comrades have been present in the audit and applied their taste instead of the law and caused problems and problems to the people. For example, you may remember the audit in 1998, he said that his criterion is only Iran, not religion, not politics, not law….

But the category Fourth According to Moradian, the opponents are those people who are always protesting, and now a new topic has been found; They neither know what it is nor are they the audience of the book. They accompany any sound. Their subject is not a book at all. Its sign is that they do not have a valid account with a name and address.

And The fifth categoryComrades who think that everything is a joke and this is a joke of Irshad with the people, or someone else who does not consider these ideas as a priority and thinks that everything he understands is the same priority and does not even know what happened in these two years to organize the publishing situation. What is happening and what are the future plans. They talk about priority because they cannot do several things at the same time. Or another looking for an opportunity to stigmatize. For example, the bottom line of his art is that anyone who organizes an issue or deals with a violation is quick to spread the stigma of being ready to be angry and threatening. Or they are involved in group jealousies, and it is not important at all. People are important. Trends don’t matter. Where they come from is important to them.

But The sixth group; The opponents of Ershad and the government, this is also an issue for them to come and attack based on it and make a line and…

He finally said in the end, the responsibility of guidance is not the responsibility of respected publishers. Ershad may have made a mistake, what is the responsibility of the rights of the people of this country? The publisher may have committed a violation, what is the responsibility, how can it be determined? Who is responsible for monitoring the book market? Can he get help from people? The blessing of this system is for everyone. Those who think that Irshad will collect books from tomorrow based on the taste of their reporters, did not understand the issue. Between guidance and the people and the publisher, there is a rule of law, not taste. This system helps to uphold the law. Of course, whether it is this system or not, the duty of guidance is against the book that has content that is contrary to the law of entry and dealing.

Is it really the issue and concern of publishing in the current situation of audit?

Of course, after expressing the opinion of the opponents and supporters of this plan, we will come to the point again, is it really the issue and concern of publishing in the current situation of the audit?

However, experience has proven; Auditing has always become one of the challenges of the governments, in some periods the government has tried to make the audit appear as the most important issue of publishing, and in order to give itself more legitimacy among the people of culture, they talked about solving it and even entrusting it to the publishers. In some courses, mostly uninformed auditors only audited the appearance of the books. But what is clear and obvious; It is that the audit has never been the main issue of publishing in all the years after the revolution, the publishers have learned to interact with the Ministry of Guidance in the audit in the last forty years.

Because today, adult publishing is living in a situation where book production is considered its main pest, which has exposed its roots to destruction, silly translations threaten our literature, the situation of children and teenagers publishing is far worse. Domestic production is dormant and the translation market is hot in the field of children and teenagers, mangas, multi-volume novels of the horror and fantasy genre have replaced good stories for good children.

Therefore, although the mentioned plan may bring some achievements, but still; Because today the main issue of our publishing is economy and content, not audit, today publishers and even audiences expect Ershad to think about the state of the underground market of publishing (Basasis on the Revolution Street), today publishers expect the Ministry of Guidance to organize Regarding the situation of book production, today the publishers expect the Ministry of Guidance to ease the conditions of book publishing so that the circulation of books does not fall further and the number of books reaches 1000 copies from 100 to 200 copies. Therefore, auditing is not the main issue and concern of publishing today.

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