Destruction of half of the residential houses in Gaza / UN request to investigate the use of powerful bombs by the Zionists against civilians – rahnam

According to rahnam International News Agency, while the crazy attacks of the occupying regime on the civilian centers of the Gaza Strip continue, the United Nations Development Program announced that 50% of the residential buildings in the Gaza Strip have been destroyed as a result of Israeli attacks since October 7. 40% of educational centers have also been destroyed.

Destruction of half of the houses in Gaza in one month

Abdallah al-Dari, the representative of the United Nations Development Program and the director of its regional office, announced during a press conference about the developments in Gaza that half of the residential buildings in Gaza were destroyed in just one month, while Syria during the terrorist attack, after He suffered this amount of destruction for four years.

“Rola Dashti”, the executive director of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission, also announced in the same context that the amount of destruction in Gaza has reached an unprecedented level and 96% of the people of Gaza cannot access basic services and have suffered poverty in various dimensions.

Intensification of the poverty crisis among Palestinians

The United Nations Development Program reported that Palestinian economic activity has suffered a severe shock as a result of the total blockade of Gaza, the destruction of capital, forced displacement and restrictions imposed on the movement of people and goods in the West Bank. Approximately 390,000 jobs have been lost since the war began. is gone, and GDP losses may be between 4 and 12 percent in 2023 and between 4 and 9 percent in 2024 compared to the pre-war period.

According to this report, it is also predicted that the level of poverty will increase between 20 and 45 percent among Palestinians, and the human development index for Palestine will also decrease sharply. Undoubtedly, the economic consequences of war will have direct and indirect effects on the human condition. Considering the amount of destruction and the lack of access to the necessary materials and equipment for the reconstruction of Gaza in the shadow of the heavy siege that already exists against this region, even in the case of a ceasefire, the situation in Gaza cannot be improved for a long time.

An investigation into Israel’s use of powerful bombs against Gaza should be initiated

In a press conference, Volker Turk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, emphasized the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and announced that Israel’s attacks on Gaza and the bombardment of this area with explosive materials that have terrible destructive power should be investigated.

Pointing out that the current situation in the Gaza Strip is intolerable, he emphasized that Israel must end the hate speech and incitement against the Palestinians. The collective punishment that Israel has launched against the Palestinians, as well as the forced displacement of civilians, are all included in the framework of war crimes. The Gaza Strip, which was under occupation for several decades and has been under severe siege for 16 years, has become the largest open prison in the world.

This UN official emphasized that the aid sent to the Gaza Strip is very limited and it is necessary that more aid be sent to this region continuously. Israel’s attacks on health centers and hospitals are unacceptable. The current situation in the Gaza Strip is the most dangerous situation in recent decades. Necessary research should be done about Israel’s use of high explosive weapons.

Stating that these weapons cause wanton destruction in the Gaza Strip, Volker Turk said, Israel must stop using them. Israel’s attacks with these weapons are a violation of international humanitarian law.

He also pointed to the aggression of the Zionist regime in the West Bank and announced that since October 7, at least 176 Palestinians, including 43 children, have lost their lives in Israeli attacks in the West Bank.

“Philippe Lazzarini”, the Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), also yesterday in a statement called for an end to the mass killings that the occupying regime launched in the Gaza Strip and emphasized that the children of Gaza are not terrorists as such. They become massacres. The complete destruction of residential neighborhoods in Gaza is unacceptable and the continuation of this situation will open a dark chapter in the history of the region.

He added that the situation in Gaza is catastrophic and ending this situation requires at least a humanitarian ceasefire. The number of UNRWA employees who lost their lives in the attacks against Gaza has reached more than 100 people.

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