The thirty-sixth day of “Al-Aqsa Storm” | The Zionists brought the war to the hospitals / Fierce clashes in several axes of Gaza / Israeli soldiers were ambushed by the resistance – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the bombardment of the Zionist regime is concentrated around Al-Shifa hospital complex and other hospitals in Gaza. Zionist occupiers targeted one of the gates of al-Shifa hospital.

Palestinian sources reported that the clashes between resistance fighters and Zionist soldiers have intensified near Al-Shifa Hospital and the occupation forces continue to bombard this area.

The Islamic resistance movement of Palestine, Hamas, warned about the consequences of intensifying the occupation regime’s actions and bombing the vicinity of the al-Shafa hospital complex, and stressed that we hold the US government responsible in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Director General of the World Health Organization has confirmed the reports about the attacks around al-Shifa and al-Rentisi hospitals in Gaza.

In this regard, the director of al-Shifa Hospital told Al Jazeera: “The occupiers have started a war with Gaza’s hospitals and want to take the entire health system of Gaza out of service.”


On the other hand, news sources reported intense clashes between Palestinian fighters and the Zionist occupying forces in several axes in Gaza City.

Al-Mayadeen reporter reported that the Palestinian resistance groups have engaged in unprecedented and very tough battles with the occupying forces in more than five axes in Gaza City.

According to this report, fierce clashes are currently going on between the Palestinian resistance groups and the occupying forces in the western areas of “Tal Al-Hawa” and around Al-Shifa Hospital.


News sources reported that the Zionist occupation forces attacked the intensive care unit of al-Quds Hospital located in Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood in western Gaza.

On the other hand, news reports tell about the conflict between the Palestinian resistance forces and the occupying forces in the “Al-Nasr” neighborhood in the west of Gaza.

Al-Qassam militants announced that they targeted the armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in Al-Nasr neighborhood with anti-armor rockets.

Local Palestinian sources reported that at the same time as Al-Nasr neighborhood and Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, very intense clashes are going on between the resistance and the Israeli occupying forces in the city of Beit Hanoun in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Also, intense clashes between the Palestinian resistance forces and the occupying forces have been reported in the areas west of al-Shati camp and west of Beit Lahia.

At the same time as the conflicts escalated in various areas of Gaza, Zionist sources reported that the communication between some Israeli forces in the axis of the al-Shati camp was cut off.

Gaza’s Indonesia hospital lost power after running out of fuel, and another disaster is brewing.

Al Jazeera reported in a news about the heavy bombardment of the areas around the Indonesian Hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Dear audience, you can follow the most important developments of the 36th day of the Gaza War after the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation below:


Global Health: We witnessed more than 250 attacks on medical facilities in Gaza and the West Bank

The Director General of the World Health Organization emphasized during his speech in the Security Council that the health system in Gaza is dying, but despite this situation, it continues to provide life-saving care.

He added: Since October 7th, we have witnessed more than 250 attacks on medical centers in Gaza and the West Bank. Just last week we recorded 5 attacks on 5 hospitals in one day and saw 4 hospitals with 430 hospital beds shut down.

Firing anti-armor bullets at Israeli military vehicles

The Ezzedine al-Qassam battalions of the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced that they fired anti-armor bullets at the military vehicles of the occupiers in Al-Nasr neighborhood in western Gaza.

The risk of stopping Al-Quds Hospital’s activity due to running out of fuel

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that all activities and services of Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza will be stopped in three hours due to the end of fuel.

Zionist air strikes prevent ambulances from leaving al-Shifa hospital

According to Al-Mayadeen news channel, following the escalation of Israeli air attacks on medical centers and hospitals in the Gaza Strip, ambulances cannot leave al-Shifa hospital and the regime’s drones shoot at any location in the region. The drones of this regime also targeted several residential houses around Al Shafara Hospital

The bombing of the entrance to the Indonesian hospital in Gaza on live television

News sources reported heavy bombardment of the entrance and surrounding areas of the Indonesian Hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Media sources reported that the Indonesian hospital’s backup generator in Gaza also failed, and the emergency and intensive care units of the hospital were cut off. All surgeries have been stopped in this hospital.

All the medical staff of the Indonesian hospital insist on continuing their work despite all the threats and risks they are exposed to.


Russian representative: The situation in Gaza is “catastrophic”.

The representative of Russia in the UN Security Council stated that we are extremely angry at the targeting of civilians and consider this to be a violation of international law.

He added: “The situation in Gaza is catastrophic and shocking, and Israel’s airstrikes have severely damaged Gaza’s vital infrastructure.”

He said: There is no safe zone for civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Macron: The ceasefire is in the interest of Israel

French President Emmanuel Macron in a conversation with the BBC: “Israel must stop killing children and women in Gaza. “These attacks have no justification.”

He said that the ceasefire will benefit Israel.

Palestinian Ministry of Health: International institutions should intervene to stop Zionist attacks

The spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that we ask all Arab and international parties to intervene immediately to stop the attacks of the occupying regime on hospitals in the center and north of Gaza.
He added that we once again ask the international organizations to come here immediately in order to protect the health and sanitation system and to benefit Al-Shifa Hospital and other hospitals in northern Gaza to perform their purely humanitarian duties.

The Zionists were ambushed by the resistance

Sabrin News channel reported that the initial news indicates that a number of Israeli soldiers were caught in a strong ambush by the resistance forces in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital and some of them were killed. Meanwhile, a number of military vehicles have also been destroyed by Palestinian resistance fighters.

The Palestine Information Center website wrote about this: At noon on Friday (November 19), the resistance allowed them to enter some areas in Gaza without a specific conflict, in order to be caught in ambushes that had been prepared for them in advance, and after the arrival of the forces The Palestinian fighters attacked these ambushes from all directions.

Residents of Al-Nasr neighborhood in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital also reported the destruction of tanks of the occupying regime by the resistance forces.

Experts and analysts consider the reason for the intensification of Israel’s indiscriminate bombings to be the involvement of this regime’s soldiers in the urban war in Gaza.

The stubborn resistance of the Palestinian resistance to the Zionist forces in Gaza

According to the Al-Mayadeen network, the Israeli occupying forces in Gaza have faced a stubborn resistance that has hindered their advance and they have suffered heavy losses.

In this connection, the news indicates that a strong defense line has been formed to prevent the advance of the occupying forces towards Al-Shifa Hospital.

Continued bombing of Al-Shefai complex in Gaza/ one of the gates of the hospital was targeted

The spokesperson of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza told Al Jazeera that the bombardment around Al-Shefai Complex in Gaza by the Zionists continues.

Zionist occupiers targeted one of the gates of al-Shifa hospital.

Reports indicate that at the same time as the air strikes and heavy bombing of Gaza, the conflict between the Palestinian resistance and the occupying forces continues in several axes of Gaza.

Bombing residential houses in Gaza

Al Jazeera reporter reported that Israeli warplanes targeted a house behind al-Quds Hospital in Gaza with several missiles. Several houses in Al-Nasr and Al-Sabra neighborhoods in Gaza City were targeted by Zionist airstrikes.

7 people were martyred and several others were injured in the bombing of two houses in Jabalia and Al Brij camps.

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