Major General Salami: America will not be able to continue the life of the Zionist regime with artificial respiration – rahnam

According to the defense reporter of rahnam news agency, Major General Hossein Salami, Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Guards, during the consensus ceremony of the Holy Qur’an memorizers of Tehran Province, which was held this evening in Mosli, the capital, during his remarks, referring to the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, said: The events of these days in Gaza It is the field of interpretation of the heavenly verses of the Qur’an.

He added: We are facing one of the most modern, advanced, equipped, experienced, sophisticated and at the same time most sensitive security intelligence powers in the world throughout human history. When we talk about Israel’s intelligence apparatus, we are talking about the most comprehensive tools and advanced techniques of all the experiences in the history of human information wars.

The commander in chief of the IRGC stated that usually the front lines of the battle are always the most equipped and prepared defense and military lines, and noted that the Zionist regime on the edge of the narrow strip of Gaza used all its intelligence tools and had set the conditions in such a way that even a small animal It could not pass under their intelligence. I had seen a similar system on the borders of occupied Palestine with Lebanon. Several meters high walls, barbed wires equipped with electronic sensors, any point of which is cut in the information room with a siren alerting the operators of danger.

Major General Salami added: They also pour sieved soil on the side of the border road so that if a young man crosses the barbed wire, his footprints on this sandy soil will be clearly visible. In addition, with night vision cameras and heat detectors and intelligence eavesdropping and a wide and deep network of human resources that are present in the Lebanese, Syrian and Lebanese society and with daily patrols in the form of foot, motorcycle, car, drone and unmanned helicopters. And the passenger is ready for everything and this is to prevent a person from passing.

He said: The Zionist regime is a security regime, and there is no assumption that large units cross the artificial borders of this regime, and perhaps this is one of the surprising factors of this regime, but despite all these tools, systems and lookouts, at least 1500 young Palestinian fighters For a year they tried to pass through this impenetrable system according to conventional considerations. All movements are measured and estimates are updated.

The Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC pointed out: Despite all this, the mystery of the Palestinians’ surprise passage through all these walls and embankments and information barriers is still unknown, and no one still knows the secrets of this victory. But the main issue is that when at least 1,500 Palestinians can enter the occupied territories without firing a single shot in the front line, which is the strongest defense line, it means that all weapons have been disabled. The Israeli army had a strong defense system around Gaza, but no one noticed this penetration. This is nothing but the interpretation of the verses of the Quran. The Quran is a continuous and uninterrupted revelation.

Major General Salami said: “It is true that today the Israelis have established a military superiority with massive fire, but this is only the appearance of things, because we only see the conditions in Gaza and the painful images of Palestinian children and women, but on the other side of this war. It is the political turmoil and the constant nightmare and uncertainty about the future that has filled the minds and hearts of the Zionist officials and settlers today and every day.

Referring to the Al-Aqsa storm operation, he emphasized: History will not forget that amazing victory. This victory was an event that showed how the power of faith can create victory. Undoubtedly, God’s help is revealed based on righteousness, and God has made it obligatory to help the believers, and we believe that this battle will be a great victory for the Palestinians.

The commander in chief of the IRGC emphasized that today the world is united against America and Israel more than ever, and said: If we wanted to show the reality of America to the world through Jihad, and tell the Muslims that the Americans would do nothing to massacre them. They spare no effort, even with thousands of hours of explanation jihad, we could not show a drop of this awareness, but in their recent events, they showed their disgusting reality to the world.

Major General Salami noted: God has not set a way for infidels to overcome Muslims, but the condition of divine victory is that we are on the scene. All expressions that express divine help are conditional and the condition is stated in the presence of believers. This is the beginning of a path.

He added: Zionists cannot remain with this evil and a history full of cruelty. This is the path of their decline, of course, big buildings like America and its business towers are collapsing dangerously. Whenever the enemy wants to collapse, his noise increases and becomes more dangerous. We rely on God and follow this path.

The Commander in Chief of the IRGC emphasized: The Al-Aqsa storm proved that the preventive war has lost its meaning and the deepening of Israel’s internal security has lost its capacity, and America cannot save Israel and artificial respiration cannot sustain the life of this regime.

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