Disclosure of preventing the inclusion of “practical action” against Israel in the statement of the meeting of Arab leaders in Riyadh – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, quoted by Middle East News, sources familiar with the talks of yesterday’s preliminary meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arab countries to prepare the draft of the final statement of the extraordinary meeting of the Arab leaders, gave details of the strong differences between the member states regarding this statement. revealed

According to this report, some Arab countries sought to show the power of the members of this union to put pressure on the Israeli regime in order to stop its crimes in the Gaza Strip by including articles that required the members to take certain actions, but their efforts were opposed by some Other members (compromising authorities) remained ineffective and thus the approved statement will be void of any action.

Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League, said at the end of yesterday’s meeting of foreign ministers of the Arab countries that the final version of the draft resolution that will be presented to the summit of the Arab countries tomorrow (Saturday, November 11) was approved.

On the other hand, according to al-Arabi al-Jadeed, the proposals made in this meeting were rejected despite the written request of several countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and self-governing organizations.

These proposals include ideas such as banning the use of American military bases and other military bases in Arab countries in order to supply weapons and ammunition to the Israeli regime, suspending diplomatic, economic, security and military relations of Arab countries with the occupiers, threatening to use from oil and the economic power of the Arab countries in the pressure to stop the aggression of the Israeli regime, to prevent the flight of Israeli civilian planes in the airspace of the Arab countries and to form an Arab committee at the ministerial level that will immediately travel to New York, Washington, Brussels, Geneva, London and Paris And convey the request of the Arab leaders to stop the Zionist aggression in Gaza to the leaders and officials of the Western countries.

According to these sources, 4 Arab countries have opposed these proposals and the Palestinian Authority has also remained silent.

Apart from this, these sources have emphasized that Iraq, Algeria, and Tunisia strongly objected to some articles condemning the killing of civilians in Palestine and Israel, and their protest was so high that the meeting was suspended for 2 hours.

These sources added that Iraq has expressed its opposition to the interpretation of “condemning the killing of civilians” regarding Hamas operations and the words “two-state solution” and “establishing normal relations” in writing and emphasized that these articles are against the internal laws of Iraq.

Algeria and Tunisia have also expressed their opposition to condemning the killing of civilians by Hamas.

The extraordinary meeting of the heads of the Arab League is scheduled to be held tomorrow (Saturday, November 11) hosted by Riyadh.
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