A 5.1 magnitude earthquake shook Murmuri in Ilam province/ Dispatch of assessment groups – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Ilam, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 10 kilometers shook Murmuri land in Ilam province.

Earthquake date:

Friday, November 19, 1402 at 19:06:30
(local time – Tehran)

2023-11-10 15:36:30

The magnitude of the earthquake:


Magnitude type:


Location of the epicenter of the earthquake: 32.81 North and 47.65 East
Depth: 10 km
Spatial uncertainty: 2.61+/- km in the north-south direction
2.22+/- km in east-west direction

Ilam Province


9 km from Murmuri, Ilam
13 km from Sarab Bagh, Ilam
30 km from Abdanan, Ilam


Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran

There has been no report on possible human and financial damages

In an interview with rahnam reporter, Majid Biglerian, referring to the 5.1 Richter magnitude earthquake this evening in Sarab Bagh Murmori, Abdanan city, said: A meeting of the crisis headquarters has been held in this regard with the presence of members and chaired by the governor of Abdanan.

The Crisis Management of Ilam Governorate stated that no report has been received on the damages caused by this earthquake, adding that there are definitely financial losses.

He stated that relief assessment teams have been sent to the place and epicenter of the earthquake, and requested the people to remain calm and be indifferent to rumors and follow the news from official and reliable media.

Mohammad Rahmani, the governor of Abdanan, also said in this regard: Investigations are underway in Abdanan, Murmuri and Sarabbagh cities, and according to the initial reports of these investigations, the walls of the houses of some citizens in these areas have suffered cracks.

Sending evaluation groups to Murmuri

In an interview with rahnam reporter, Gholamreza Ali Mohammadi said: After the earthquake occurred in Murmuri area of ​​Abdanan city, 3 groups of evaluators were sent to the place of the earthquake in the first minutes.

CEO of Red Crescent Society of Ilam said: So far, 11 villages and the city of Sarabbagh have been evaluated by relief groups.

He said: This earthquake has not caused any loss of life and the financial damage is not significant.

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