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Jalil Mirmohammadi Meybodi, a member of the Health and Medical Commission of the Islamic Council, in an interview with the parliamentary reporter of the rahnam news agency, referring to the reasons for the disruption in the production and distribution of powdered milk in the country, said: After the removal of the 4,200 toman drug currency, it was supposed that 2.5 billion dollars should be given to the Ministry of Health so that the Ministry can provide the currency needed to import special medicines, raw materials for medicines and powdered milk.

The member of the health and treatment committee of the parliament added: In a meeting that was held at the same time with the presence of the head of the central bank, the minister of economy and the minister of health, the central bank committed to provide 400 million euros to the ministry of health to solve the problem of supplying raw materials for the production of medicine and milk. There should not be a drought in the country, which unfortunately got disrupted at different times and the required currency was not provided to the Ministry of Health.

**The lack of raw materials has closed two main milk powder production factories

He stated that if the currency needed to supply the raw materials of the dry milk production companies was allocated on time, today there would be basically no problem in the name of lack of dry milk in the country. The allocation of foreign currency for the supply of raw milk powder was well underway, there was no problem in the supply of milk powder in the country, but since about 6 months ago, despite the commitment of the Central Bank and the Budget Program Organization for the timely allocation of foreign currency and Riyal resources, most of the currency Milk powder production companies were completely cut off, which even led to the closure of two main milk powder production factories in the country.

Mirmohammadi stated: The poor performance of the Planning and Budget Organization and the Central Bank to provide foreign currency and Riyal resources, as well as the lack of a written program in the Food and Drug Organization to assess the country’s need for powdered milk, has led to the formation of the current chaotic situation in the powdered milk market. .

A member of the Parliament’s Health and Medical Commission stated that “in the matter of the shortage of powdered milk, the government’s policy is to say that the main problem of this market is the problem of smuggling” and said: “Smuggling may also have caused problems in the distribution system, but definitely all The problems in this area are not related to smuggling. In addition, the issue of smuggling may cause the border cities to have a shortage of powdered milk, and the lack of it in the center of the country can no longer be attributed to smuggling. Especially if we know that the two main milk powder production factories in the country have been closed due to the lack of raw materials. In addition, we have Titek system in our possession, by using which we can solve a significant part of the smuggling problem.

**Some people are seeking to smooth the conditions for importing powdered milk

Mirmohammadi emphasized that, unfortunately, some people are trying to set the conditions in such a way that the path of importing powdered milk into the country will be smooth, and said: We are neither against importing powdered milk nor in favor of it, and we believe that the import is only for the purpose of regulating the market. It is the right thing to do, but we must be aware of the fact that the import of powdered milk causes two major losses to the production industry of this product in the country.

He continued: The first disadvantage is that the import of ready-made powdered milk requires foreign exchange several times more than the import of raw materials for production, and the other disadvantage is that by importing powdered milk to factories that produce this product, they will face irreparable losses. . In addition, it should be noted that the price of powdered milk is determined by order, while you can set the price of a product by order when you have prepared all the conditions for its production, but today not only the currency needed to supply raw materials for production It was not provided to the producer on time, but with the import of ready-made milk powder, the producers have officially faced a crisis.

The member of the health commission of the parliament stressed that we had several meetings with the officials of the Food and Drug Organization to solve the problem of powdered milk, and noted: One of the outcomes of these meetings was the adoption of the policy of delivering powdered milk based on the country code and the date of birth of the baby, which, of course, is only a solution. It can remove the excuse of smuggling from the table of government managers.

He added: Despite the special meeting that was held under the chairmanship of the speaker of the parliament and with the presence of all relevant officials, including the Central Bank, Customs, the Ministry of Health, the Program and Budget Organization, and the Food and Drug Organization, the lack of coordination between these institutions has caused that People should still complain about the lack of powdered milk in the cities and convey their dissatisfaction to us through frequent messages and calls.

In the end, Mirmohammadi emphasized: the significant part of the problems in the supply of powdered milk is related to the negligence of the related and unplanned work of the Food and Drug Organization, and with proper planning and the efforts of the officials, this problem can be easily solved.

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